For new residents



Before moving in

When you’ve signed your contract, arrange your pickup with Erik, the inspector. He can be reached at +4532556122 between 0700-1400. When you pick up the key, you’ll be shown the “basics” – your room, your kitchen, the bike cellar, the laundry room etc.

Parking is free in the parking lot in front of the dormitory, and no permit is necessary to park there. The lot is shared with Scandis Boligerne (Brydes Allé 21) and Hørbrækkerhuset (Hørhusvej 11). Remember that our entrance is below ground level, down the stairs!

When moving in


We do have elevators, by which a lot of furniture can be brought up. They are big enough to bring a 120cm bed up. Bigger items can be brought up via the stairs.

A map of the basement can be found here.

Ventilation slows down at 21 and shuts off at 24.


In the main part of the room, there are two Ethernet ports by the door. You can connect your computer or a router to the lower Ethernet port, and you will have access to the Internet. If you want WiFi in your room, you need to bring your own router. Internet access is free of charge.


There is also a socket with television/radio ports, if you wish to have television in your room. You need a male-to-male adaptor or a male-to-male cable to connect.

Once you’re connected, you’ll have instant access to the digital channels that the dorm offers. Check instructions for setup here.

There is usually a television in each kitchen, which will have a wider range of channels.

After moving in

Ask someone on your floor to brief you on the rules of your floor – this includes payment to kitchen accounts, weekly cleaning, and social arrangements on the floors. Each floor has its individual way of governing itself, but most have monthly meetings in which most issues are discussed.

Facts and Facilites

  • Car/MC parking lot
  • Bike parking
  • Bar w/Lounge and pool table
  • Back yard with BBQ
  • Private balconies
  • Private showers and toilets
  • Rooms are non-smoking
  • No pets allowed (with exceptions)

What’s included?

  • Utilities (water, heating, electricity, etc.)
  • Internet
  • Kitchen TV
  • Laundry room (6 loads/month)
  • Small gym (with deposit)
  • Music room (with deposit)
  • Tennis court / football pitch (with deposit)
  • Storage lockers (with deposit)