Collective property sharing

Resident Council and its committees own variety of items meant to be used for social events or council needs. Part of these items has been made available for renting for Hørhus residents. You can find rules and list of items on this webpage. In case you want to borrow some of the items, contact the chairman of particular committee or person designated to take care of it (Resident Council contact list is at the pin-board at each floor).


General rules

  1. Committee chairmen (the Renter) are responsible for all handling of items, including reserving, handing out, collecting and checking
  2. Lending request can be refused if requested items are needed by any of the committees or the landing rules has been violated by the requesting person in the past.
  3. Maximum landing period for any item is 7 days
  4. Resident Council has to approve all the additions, removals, deposits or other changes to the collective property sharing.
  5. All fines for breaking the rules, either from deposit or additional ones, has to be approved by the Complaint committee

Hand out rules

  1. Borrower has to inspect the borrowing item at the moment of receiving it and has to report all the damages to the lender.
  2. Hand in deadline is arranged with the Lender before the hand out
  3. Deposit on selected items has to be payed at the hand out

Hand in rules

  1. Borrower has to hand in the item no later than agreed deadline
  2. Item has to be clean and undamaged (except reported damages – see Hand out rules #1)
  3. Deposit is returned to the borrower only if Hand in rules #1 and #2 has been obeyed.



List of items

  • Bar committee
    • Round tables (both sizes)
    • Chairs without armrests
    • Benches
  • Party committee
    • October party costumes
    • October party glasses
    • Costumes
    • Small smoke machine
    • Mono table tennis
    • Hats
    • Christmas trees and related artifacts
    • Blankets
    • Balls
    • Fairy lights
    • Wheel for tombola
    • Hot plate
    • Bat for ballgames
  • Garden committee
    • Grills
    • Garden games
      • King’s game
      • Crocket
  • Media committee
    • Projector