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Contact info is found in the contact list (link)

Most facilites are run by the dorm and its subcommittees, and are free of charge (some of the rooms require a deposit be made). This is with the exceptions of Scandis’ party room and Hørbrekker’s guest rooms.

General info is found in “about the dorm”


In the main part of the room, there are two Ethernet ports by the door. You can connect your computer or a router to the lower Ethernet port, and you will have access to the 1000/1000 mbit connection. If you want WiFi in your room, you need to bring your own router. Internet access is free of charge.


The dorm pays for the big package (only digital channels) for all kitchens. If you want the free channels in your room, do an automatic search on DVB-C (requires MPEG4, AKA DVB-C2) on YouSee’s channels with your television (try with the network ID 00100). They can also be manually found using the table below. Choose a frequency from the table, place the QAM at 64, rate at auto (or 6875), and network ID 00100. If that doesn’t work, try to use some of the other rates in the table below. Otherwise, contact the Antenna subcommittee.

Exercise rooms


There are two rooms to use for exercise, both located across the hall from the laundry room. They require a key from the keys subcommittee and a 200kr deposit. You may not bring guests into the rooms (not even other residents if they have not paid), and it’s important that you clean up after yourself.

The rooms are open from 6 to 22, but music may only be played between 8 and 20.

The strength room has a collection of dumbbells, to benches for bench press, and a series of machines that can be seen on the pictures.

The cardio room has two treadmills, a couple of exercise bikes, a cross trainer and more machines (pictures).


The following rules are encompassed by the contract that you sign when you receive a key for the fitness room. The rules consider that you act with human decency, solidarity, and respect for fellow residents that volunteer so that everyone can get fit for free.

  • You shall not remove any equipment from the rooms, or move equipment from one room to the other. You shall not leave your own equipment in the room. Any changes (additions or removal) of the equipment in the room shall be ordained by the subcommittee.
  • You shall always clean up after yourself. There is no one responsible for cleaning up after you.
  • You shall not move the fixed equipment around. This may result in oil spills, creating a haphazard environment.
  • You shall not make uneccessary noise. This is in account to both music/TV noise, but also your own voice – remember that someone might be sleeping in bed right above you.
  • If you have any ideas, we want to hear your ideas! Contact us in the committee (link below) and tell us what you want!

Breaking the rules above may result in a formal complaint through the complaints’ subcommittee. The complaint will be then be dealt with accordingly, and may result in anything from revoking your keys to the termination of your lease.

The exercise rooms are also administered by the Residents’ Council, and you should thus contact the Council’s contact if you have a problem. If you still are unhappy, contact the chairman of the Council.


Managed by:

Exercise committee

Keys managed by:

Keys Committee




Only people with keys.


6-22 (music/TV 8-20)


The key also gives access to tennis courts and soccer pitches outside.