Subleasing at Hørhus Kollegiet

This is a translation of the Danish page, found at In case of disagreement between the two versions, the Danish is the definitive.

This page contains all information you need to sublease your room. Among those:

  • Rules for subleasing at Hørhus Kollegiet
  • A guide in how a subleases are agreed
  • Templates used for subleasing



The sub-lessor (danish: fremlejegiver) is the permanent resident at Hørhus Kollegiet, who leases their room to another.

The sub-tenant (danish: fremlejetager) is the temporary resident, who leases the room from the sub-lessor.

In short: Hørhus Kollegiet leases out the room to the sub-lessor, who subleases it to the sub-tenant

UBSBOLIG is the administration of Hørhus Kollegiet. Inquiries concerning subleasing must be sendt to Anni Vagner at

Process for subleasing

Below is a short sketch of the procedure for subleasing your room:

  1. The sub-leassor finds a sub-tenant.
  2. There is agreed a written sublease contract (use the template on this page)
  3. At the latest 14 days before the sublease starts, the sublease contract must be sent to UBSBOLIG for approval, together with documentation establishing that:
    1. The sub-lessor is eligible for subleasing the room (see below), and
    2. The sub-tenant is an active student

    If the 14-day limit gives any problems, contact UBSBOLIG.

  4. UBSBOLIG approves the sublease (or asks for adjustments or additional information, if the requirements are not met).
  5. The sub-tenant pays a deposit of 6.000 DKK to UBSBOLIG.

Sublease rules

These are the rules that apply to subleasing at Hørhus Kollegiet

Requirements for subleasing

The subleasing must be due to one of the following reasons for the sub-lessor:

  • Study-related travels, among those studies-related internships.
  • Conscription.
  • Health issues, among those rehabilitation after illness.

Sublease of other reasons can be normally not be approved, but contact UBSBOLIG, if you think you are allowed to sublease your room.

The sublease must be limited in time to the period where the above conditions are met, but with 1 month extra in each end. This month is calculated based on dates, and in addition to this it can be rounded up (extended) to the nearest half month. Eg. if you are on exchange in the period 17/2 – 18/5, you are allowed to sublease in the period 15/1 – 30/6. The sublease can start and end on all days of the week. The sublease can last at most 2 years.

The sub-tenant must be eligible to live at the dorm, that is, be an active student, in the entire period of subleasing. There can only live one person in the room.

The rent for the sublease must not exceed the normal rent. Extra rent for furniture is not allowed.

The sublease must be approved by UBSBOLIG before the start of the sublease. UBSBOLIG will only rejects sublease contracts, if the requirements listed above are not met.

Illegal subleasing

Subleases who does not meet the requirements listed above, are by default illegal, and can lead to the sub-lessor has their lease terminated.

About the sublease

The sublease is between the sub-lessor and the sub-tenant. The sub-lessor must continue to pay their rent, and is the one who collects rent from the sub-tenant.

The sub-tenant is responsible to the sub-lessor, who is responsible to Hørhus Kollegiet. This means that the sub-tenant is responsible for complying with the rules of the dorm, and is liable for damages that they might cause, but that the sub-lessor has the overall responsibility for the sublease. If there is any issues with the sublease, Hørhus Kollegiet will sanction or demand compensation from the sub-lessor. Then the sub-lessor can raise similar or other claims from the sub-tenant.

During the sublease, all rights and responsibilities related to the lease (except the right to sublease) are transferred to the sub-tenant. This includes use of and rules for the common areas, and payments to any common accounts.

If the sub-tenant chooses to store their belongings at Hørhus Kollegiet during the sublease, they are responsible for that this storage complies with the rules. This includes rules for the bike parking and bike cleanup.

When the sublease have been agreed, it can only be terminated if both parties agree. However the sub-lessor can terminate the contract, if the sub-tenant does not pay their rent, of grossly violate the house rules or in other ways grossly violates the sublease contract.

If the sub-lessor’s lease is terminated during the sublease, the sublease will be terminated at the same time.


The sub-tenant must pay a deposit of 6.000 DKK to UBSBOLIG before the sublease starts. The deposit is the sub-lessor’s security in the rent, the room, and the furniture that it may contain. The sub-tenant must show proof of payment to the sub-lessor.

When the sublease is over, the sub-lessor must contact UBSBOLIG, after which the deposit can be paid back to the sub-tenant, unless objections against the payment are raised. If objections are raised, the case should be regarded as a disagreement between the sub-lessor and the sub-tenant (see below), where the deposit are frozen as long as the case is not resolved.

If the sub-lessor does not contact UBSBOLIG within a month, the sub-lessor can contact them, and ask that the deposit is repaid. It is therefore normally too late for the sub-lessor to make objections, when a month have passed.


Disagreements between the sub-lessor and the sub-tenant should, if possible, be solved by the parties themselves. If there are question regarding the rules, UBSBOLIG can be contacted.

If the parties can not solve the disagreement themselves, the complains committee must be included. Here the usual procedure for complains are to be used (see this page).

Sublease at Hørhus Kollegiet are governed by the Danish law for leasing (danish: lejeloven) (especially §§ 70-71). These rules are based on the rules in the law. If you think there is discrepancies between the law and these rules, contact UBSBOLIG.

Adoption and changes

These sublease rules are adopted by the resident council at Hørhus Kollegiet on 12 May 2019. Changes can be made by the resident council, but the rules must always respect the Danish law for leasing. Changes ought to be discussed with UBSBOLIG before adoption, and UBSBOLIG must be informed, if the rules are changed.