House Rules

House Rules for Hørhus Kollegiet (husorden)

§ 1: Generally.
Residents must during their time at Hørhus Kollegiet show the needed respect for other residents’ wellbeing and for the building in general, in order to maintain a responsible daily operation. Residents are responsible for their guests’ behaviour. Residents are obligated to follow any specific rules that apply to the floor they live on.

§ 2: The Room.
It is not allowed for residents to keep their own fridge, freezer, air conditioning or other similar items that will cause relatively high power usage, in the room. Please use the fridges and freezers in the kitchens. All residents pay collectively for power, we therefore urge you to be considerate and not take advantage of it.

It is not allowed to have other people (whether it be family, boy-/girlfriends, lovers, friends or others) living in the room. A guest is considered living in the room when he/she has stayed overnight at least half of the time over a period of three months. Because all residents pay collectively for water, power and heating, it is expensive for the other residents to provide free lodging. Breaching of this rule is considered a serious violation of the house rules and will lead to immediate termination in accordance with § 19.

§ 3: Cleaning.
It is the residents own responsibility to keep the kitchens, hallways and common areas clean. The individual floors/kitchens are administering and executing a cleaning duty plan with the possible inclusion of a spring-cleaning. Everyone living on the floor is obligated to follow the cleaning duty plan. It is up to the individual floors to decide whether a resident who has neglected his/hers cleaning duty should warrant a complaint in accordance with § 18.

§ 4: Kitchen Facilities.
The dorm is responsible, trough the inspector, to replace the following kitchenware, including spare parts, if it is defect: oven, cooker hood, fridge, freezer, electric kettle, microwave oven, toaster and stove.
If the above mentioned equipment breaks, it must be handed over to the inspector before a new one can be handed out. The inspector can hold back new equipment if the specific floor has failed to take proper care of it, for example an electric kettle that has not been regularly descaled. In cases like this the residents’ committee must be involved via the chairman.

The individual floors are responsible for:
1. taking proper care of and maintaining the kitchen facilities and equipment, including the above mentioned.
2. buying all other equipment themselves.

§ 5: Rubbish.
Rubbish thrown in the rubbish chute must be securely tied up. The dumpsters in the disposal site quickly get filthy from bags that are not securely tied up, which leads to unreasonable working conditions for the caretaker who is to handle the rubbish in the disposal site in the basement. The green plastic bags handed out by the inspector must furthermore be used for rubbish. Regular plastic bags from the super market are not allowed under any circumstances; they are not strong enough and break from the pressure of the fall through the rubbish chute.

The inspector can choose to seal of the rubbish chute if the above is violated.

Larger rubbish (bulk refuse) must fit in the big container in the parking lot; it is only allowed to leave it next to the container if the container is full. Larger rubbish that does not fit in the container (when it is not full) is to be handed in at the communal waste site across from the street. The garbage collectors do not remove rubbish placed outside of the container, and it is left as extra work for the caretaker.

§ 6: Joint accounts.
It is the resident’s own responsibility to familiarize him/her-self with any joint accounts existing on the floor. For example kitchen accounts, newspaper accounts, TV accounts, beer accounts and so forth. The individual floor decides if all residents living on that floor are to pay to any accounts. The floor will decide if a resident’s failure to pay to existing accounts should warrant a complaint in accordance with § 18. On moving out, any debts will be withdrawn from the deposit.

§ 7: Damages.
Residents are at all times obligated to report any damages on the building or fixtures to the inspector. Residents have legal liability for any damages done by themselves or their guests. The floor residents will share legal liability for damages in the common areas, where no one person can be appointed as responsible. The residents’ committee is informed of damages and will in cases of doubt, decide which group of people are responsible.

§ 8: Noise.
Residents must show necessary concern for other residents’ need for silence to study and sleep, which means being quiet between 22.00-08.00. This includes vacuum cleaning. Larger sources of noise like drills or similar items, must not be used during 21.00 – 09.00. A complaint about noise must be respected the first time.

A written complaint in accordance with § 18 is warranted if a complaint about noise is not respected sufficiently, or if:
1. a resident repeatedly within a shorter timeframe have had to contact the same person, or group of persons, about noise, or if
2. a resident through a longer period of time have been exposed to the same person’s, or group of persons’, regular and unacceptable level of noise.

It is only allowed to use the following rooms at Hørhus Kollegiet during these times:
• Laundry room: 06.00 – 24.00
• Exercise room: 08.00 – 22.00
• Music room: 08.00 – 22.00
All parties except the dorm’s official parties must be announced at the noticeboard between the lifts in the basement, at least four days in advance. The same rules apply to weekends as well as weekdays. If a party is thrown in the common area known as trekanten, a notice must also be posted at Hørbrækkerhusets mailbox area at least four days in advance. Complaints about noise during parties must still be respected.

The bar in the basement must likewise announce opening hours minimum four days in advance. The bar is allowed to play loud music till 01.00 on normal bar evenings and till 05.00 on long bar evenings once a month. The dorm’s official parties (the 5-6 parties that are announced with dates in the beginning of each year) are allowed to play loud music all night.

§ 9: Animals.
Animals are only allowed in aquariums, cages or terrariums (e.g. no animals running freely). Residents are responsible for any damages on the premises as a result of keeping animals.

§ 10: Fire Alarm Systems.
It is strictly prohibited to activate the fire alarm system without cause. Violation of this will lead to sanctions in accordance with § 19.

§ 11: Common Areas.
It is strictly prohibited to place bicycles or other personal effects in the common areas. It is only allowed to place common furniture in accordance with the fire authority’s regulations. Violation of this will lead to sanctions in accordance with § 19.

Guest sleeping overnight in the common areas will lead to sanctions in accordance with § 19.

§ 12: The Garden.
The garden is free to use for all residents at Hørhus Kolleiget, Scandis Boligerne and Hørbrækkerhuset.

It is not allowed to:
1. play ball in the garden, unless a special dispensation has been given by the residents’ committee.
2. use barbecues outside of the paved area.
3. have engines of scooters turned on at any time.

The general rule of quiet after 22:00 o’clock also applies to the garden.

§ 13: Other dormitories.
If you are on Hørbrækkerhuset or Scandis ground, you are to follow their rules. Breaches of their house rules will lead to the same consequences as for a resident at Hørhus Kollegiet breaking the Hørhus Kollegiet’s house rules.

§ 14: The Laundry Room.
Posted recommendations for using the washing machines must be followed; the rules are attached as appendix 1.
It is not allowed for people who are not residents at Hørhus Kollegiet to use the washing machines: Friends or acquaintances of residents using the washing machines will lead to immediate sanctions in accordance to § 19.

§ 15: Bicycle Workshop.
It is not allowed to leave whole bicycles, half bicycles or any spare parts in the bicycle workshop. It is not allowed to park bicycles inside the bicycle workshop. When using the bicycle workshop, you are responsible for cleaning up when you are done.

A clean up of left items is done on a regular basis.

§ 16: Bicycle Parking.
The posted recommendations for parking of bicycles must be followed; the rules are attached as appendix 2.

In the parking lot it is only allowed to park bicycles in the bicycle stands. In the garden, however, it is also allowed to park scooters in the bicycle stands. In the basement the bicycle must be hanged at the appointed bicycle hook (and nowhere else). Bicycles parked so they block, either fire exits, paths, in the mailbox room, or anywhere else outside of the allowed areas, will be removed.

§ 17: Rules Concerning Smoking.
Smoking is prohibited in all of the buildings indoor areas. Smoking is also prohibited in the rooms and on the balconies of the rooms. The only place smoking is allowed, is on the kitchen balconies and outside of the building. Residents who have moved in before Thursday the 14th of April 2012 and who have not signed a supplementary document confirming that their room is a non-smoking area, can smoke in their room. A written complaint in accordance with § 18 is warranted if the rules concerning smoking are not followed.

§ 18: Processing of complaints.
Complaints are to be addressed to the complaint committee of the chairman of the dorm. Complaints will be processed in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.

§ 19: Regulations for termination.
Termination of the contract with three months’ notice can happen when:
1. The admission criteria for the dorm are no longer fulfilled.
2. The level of income, set by the board, is exceeded.
3. The present house rules are repeatedly breached.

Immediate termination of the contract can happen when:
1. Rent is not paid on time
2. A serious breach of the house rules is observed, including severe disrespect for other residents’ wellbeing and for the building in general.

Termination of the contract can happen with three months’ notice and in critical cases with a day’s notice in accordance with the Danish Consolidation Act of Rent.

All decisions on termination of contracts as a result of breaching the rules will be treated in accordance with our Rules of Procedure.

§ 20: Entry into force of the house rules.
These house rules become effective in accordance with the rule changes adopted at a legally announced residents meeting.
The previous house rules of 10th November 2014 stop desisting at the same date.

Update composed 30th March 2015
Adopted at residents meeting 13th April 2015
Confirmed at board meeting 21st April 2015

Appendix 1: Rules for using the laundry room.
Appendix 2: Rules concerning bicycle parking.
Rules for using the laundry room

§ 1. The laundry room may only be used by residents of Hørhus Kollegiet, and only for washing their own clothes.
§ 2. The laundry room may only be used between 06:00 and 24:00.
§ 3. Breaking of the above rules, or stealing, will lead to sanctions and immediate
termination of the leasing contract.
§ 4. The filters of the tumble dryers must be cleaned before every use. If this is not done, you risk damaging the machines or start fires.
§ 5. Put other peoples’ clothes in baskets when emptying machines, NOT on the table. Next time, you may find your own clothes mixed with somebody else’s clothes!
§ 6. Only empty the machines when they are finished.
§ 7. Washing bras with wires is only allowed if washed in a special wash bag. A loose wire can destroy the machines.
§ 8. It is not permitted to use own detergent and fabric softener in machines with closed dispensers.
§ 9. Use of flammable fluids as well as dyeing or bleaching of clothes is not allowed.
§ 10. Whoever comes first gets the first available machine.
§ 10.1. If several people are waiting, the first available machine goes to the first person
waiting, c.f. § 9. The next person gets the next available machine and so forth. If no one else wants to wash, the first person will have the next available machine at his/hers
§ 10.2. To be in queue, one has to be present in person. Leaving laundry baskets or notes is
not valid queuing.
§ 11. Use of the laundry room is at your own risk.
§ 12. Take good care of the machines, so we can avoid investing in new expensive machines more often than necessary.
Please, think of the environment before washing two t-shirts only.
Fill the machines when washing.
Rules concerning bicycle parking

Bicycle parking
§ 1. The bicycle parking lot of the dorm is for residents at the three dorms (Hørhus Kollegiet, Hørbrækkerhuset and Scandis Boligerne) and their guests.
§ 2. Bicycles must be parked in the bicycles stands only, or hung on the bicycle hooks in the basement, not in hallways or other rooms in the basement.
§ 3. If you park your bicycle in the basement, it must be hung on the bicycle hook assigned to your room, and it must not block passage for your neighbours.
§ 4. Residents are allowed to park one bicycle in the bicycle stands and hang one bicycle on the bicycle hook in the basement assigned to their room. If you have more than two bicycles, they are to be kept in your room or outside the dorm’s ground.
§ 5. It is not allowed to park other things than bicycles in the bicycle stands, for example prams, mopeds, scooters, trolleys, trailers and so forth. (Scooters/mopeds are to be parked in the parking lot marked MC or in the garden)
§ 6. Everyone is allowed to move bicycles that are parked against the rules to the small
sheltered area below the stairs to the garden from the mailbox room.
§ 7. It is strictly prohibited to move rightfully parked bicycles.
Bicycles in the garden
§ 8. Bicycle parking in the garden is only allowed in the bicycle stands, not on fire lanes, on the grass, against trees or the like.
§ 9. It is not allowed to chain any bicycles or bicycle trailers to trees, lamp posts, flagpole or similar. It is, however, allowed to chain it to the bicycle stands.
§ 10. Scooters can be parked in the garden but the engines must be turned off both on the way in and out of the garden, as it is strictly prohibited to have the engines turned on in the garden at all times, due to noise and smoke.
Bicycle clean-up
§ 11. The dorm regularly performs a bicycle clean-up among parked bicycles. Bicycles without a mark indicating that they are allowed to be parked at the dorm will be removed.
§ 12. Information about a bicycle clean-up will be given minimum 2 weeks in advance.
§ 13. It is the residents’ own responsibility to mark their bicycles.
§ 14. The dorm takes no responsibility of removed bicycles.