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[toggle-item title=”I’m new. How do I learn more about the dorm?”]
You’ve already found the website, good job! Practicalities are found under For new Residents. A map of the area is found in Local Area, whilst maps and pictures of the dorm itself is found under Pictures. You can read more about our Facilities, and if you want to join one of our many Subcommittees, contact the people responsible.

However, the best thing you can do is to ask around on your floor. The different social events and parties are usually carried by word of mouth or the Facebook group of the dorm. Remember to check the cleaning schedules so you’re not caught unaware!

[toggle-item title=”What’s the kitchen account, and how do I pay?”]

The kitchen accounts are managed by each floor, and each resident pays a small amount (~30 kr) each month. This money pays for the common items in the kitchen (soap, spices, cling wrap, onions, newspaper, etc.) which are decided by each floor. If you don’t pay to the kitchen account, the owed amount may be deducted by your security deposit once you move out.

Ask your floormates how much and where you pay!

[toggle-item title=”What’s the difference between the floor and kitchen accounts?”]Floor accounts are managed by the treasurer of the residents’ council. This money is to be spent on furniture, kitchen equipment, decorations, and the like. It is up to the floors how they wish to spend this money.

Kitchen accounts are managed solely by the floors, and should cover the common items used in the kitchen.[/toggle-item]

[toggle-item title=”Why doesn’t my key fit all the locks?”]
If you have the new room key (square), it may not fit all the locks. The dorm is gradually trying to change away from the older (round) room keys, that have the universal key included. The dorm is, however, in the process of implementing the use of the magnetic key on more doors.

[toggle-item title=”I’ve a complaint – what do I do?”]
If you wish to complain, you need to document that you’ve taken actions to solve the situation yourself. If these have not resolved the situation, contact the complaints committee or the residents’ council chairman, regardless of your floor’s rules. More specific guidelines are found in Rules>Complaints

[toggle-item title=”What’s the jargon of the dorm?”]
Stuen/ground floor = 1. floor. Don’t ask us why, no one knows. Hence, if your legal address (i.e. on your Danish Health Insurance Card) says 7., you live on the 8th floor, because your room number starts with the number 8.
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and just as such we have more than one name per kitchen. Here are a few:

Kitchen 63 Kitchen 64
The small kitchen The big kitchen
Red kitchen Blue kitchen
Street kitchen Garden kitchen

The Triangle: the common area in each floor. Named because of its shape.



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Further questions?

Write us

If you have further questions regarding or for the committees, you can ask the contact persons for the respective committees. If you have other questions regarding the dorm, you may ask the inspector.
[button link=”/committees/contactlist/” size=”normal” color=”color” style=”border” icon=”” class=”top-20″]Contact committee[/button][button link=”/contact/” size=”normal” color=”color” style=”border” icon=”” class=”top-20″]Contact inspektør[/button]