Resident Council meeting – 13. July 2016

Resident council meeting – Minutes


Date: 13. July 2016




Filip Strycko (338, Chairman)
Kristine (729, resident)
Steff Nielsen (734, 7.floor repr. and Bar committee Chairman)
Tine Kruse Scharling (626, 6.floor repr.)


Council meeting chairman and secretary

Filip Strycko as Chairman (338) and Tine Kruse Scharling as Secretary.


This meeting does not reach the quorum and therefore has no decisive power. It consists of discussion about the main topics with postponing of voting to the next meetings.


Giving the treasurer access to the dorm accounts. All board members have to sign. (only 3 people have signed at this point).


Bar committee

Ira from 2nd floor will join Steff as chairman of the committee. She will take care of the greater things, whereas Steff will take care of administrative stuff. Steff will remain the contact person for the committee.

The bar is open at 23rd of July. The bar is closed in August.

We talk about the monitor for the bar, making it possible to view movies and stuff. There’s a group of people meeting in the end of August. They are called “the bar fixing committee”.


Complaint committee

Nothing new


Bar painting project

Ira will set up a meeting about the painting of the bar.

We talk about the decorating of the bar. The colors. The changing of colored light bulbs. Plants – and colored light on the plants.

Steff is the contact person.

Ira has made a budget for the project amounting to 8.900,-. It does not include furniture, just paint and decoration. Steff says that it has been discussed to use the money from the shared Scandis-Hørhus account. But we can’t decide about this, since we’re only three board members attending.


Instead! Filip will call for an extraordinary board meeting in 1 week time in order to get approval for this budget.


Bar fixing project

See above


Garden committee

End of August/beginning of september the committee will meet and discuss things.


Information videos

Teis has finished 5 videos. Daniel/information committee will put the videos on the webpage. Maybe in the facebook group as well.


Information flyers

Kristine and Tine will check whether they can find these from their floors.



We discuss how long it takes to fix them and whether we should change company from OTIS to KONE. Eric is still waiting for the offer from KONE.


The cleaning up bicycles

Outside → experiences from Stig and Daniel. What is the best way? Filip will look into this.

Inside → making people to put up their bikes


Roof top project

Kasper from 5th floor will look into it in August.


Quiz night

As a way of making a better participation for the bar nights? Games and fun committee is already on it. Filip will talk to Anna from 4th about it. Steff tells that the last quiz nights were great success. There are prizes to the winners. The “funding” of the night depends on whether it is thrown by the bar committee (then it’s paid by the 3-part committee) or by the games and fun committee (then it will be by the 3-part committee or the board’s budget).


Other things

  • The leaving the dorm by using the elevators without using the chip. Filip check into whether it is technically possible.
  • Kristine proposes the buying of a heart-defibrillator. Filip proposes possible funding. Kristine will check the prices.
  • The lift for disabled persons, how to use it? Isn’t it a bit useless then? Would it be possible to give everyone the possibility to use it / other ways to use it for special purposes? Filip will talk to Eric about it and we’ll return to it next time.


Next meeting

  • Extraordinary meeting next week/anytime
  • Next ordinary meeting in week 32-33. Filip will make a doodle.