Emergency Resident Council meeting – 21. July 2016

Emergency Resident Council meeting – Minutes


Date: 21. July 2016




Filip Strycko (338, Chairman)
Tine Kruse Scharling (626, 6.floor repr.)
Rikke Sander Damm Jensen (227, 2.floor repr.)
Steff Nielsen (734, 7.floor repr. and Bar committee Chairman)
Rasmus Blomqvist (841, 8.floor repr. and Vice Chairman)


Council meeting chairman and secretary

Filip Strycko as Chairman and Rikke Sander Damm Jensen as secretary.


This is emergency meeting with only two points on the agenda, bar painting budget and Birketinget street reconstruction approval. There will be discussion on those topics and voting. There is also one extra point, voting about the emergency defibrillator.


Birketinget project

Voting about further progress in Birketinget project


For proposal: 5 votes

Against proposal: 0 votes


Further progress in Birketinget project was approved.


Cafe Coma painting budget

There are concerns about damaging the floor or the ceiling if we do the painting ourselves.

We have two options:

  1. Doing the painting ourselves
    1. Pros: lower price, finishing before the beginning of the semester (Steff takes the responsibility), community project
    2. Cons: possibility of damage because of no previous experience with painting
  2. Hiring professional painters
    1. Pros: Warranty of quality work
    2. Cons: almost twice as expensive, it would not be finished till the beginning of the semester.


Voting about the Cafe Coma painting budget

There are votes delivered by members who could not attend the meeting

  1. Tine Kruse Scharling (626) – votes FOR the budget
  2. Simone Marie Ullestad Thomsen (336) – votes FOR the budget
  3. Lars Bang (444) – votes FOR the budget
  4. Annette Danvad (545) – blank vote (not enough information)


Votes of the present members in favor of the budget: 3

Votes in favor of the budget TOTAL: 6


Blank votes of the present members: 2

Blank votes TOTAL: 3


The proposed Cafe Coma painting budget was approved.


Automated External Defibrillator

Defibrillator for the dormitory can be provided for free, respectively with minimum amount of resources by applying through TRYG FONDEN.



  • It needs to be placed in a public place
  • It needs to be insured against vandalism
  • It needs to be connected to the source of electricity


Estimated cost for 10 years (calculated by Kristine Svinning Valeur) is around 2400 dkk.


Voting about applying for the AED:

Votes in favor: 5

Votes against: 0


Date of next meeting

Next meeting will be organised at the end of the August. More information will be provided by Filip.