Resident Council meeting – 31. August 2016

Resident council meeting – Minutes


Date: 31. August 2016




Filip Strycko (338, Chairman) Anna Højgaard Madsen (538, Games and Fun committee Chairman)
Allan Kristensen (344, 3.floor repr.) Kasper (548)
Steff Nielsen (734, 7.floor repr. and Bar committee Chairman) Rasmus Blomqvist (841, 8.floor repr., Party committee Chairman)
Kristine Svinning Valeur Janna Marieke Kuhlmann (331)
Daniel S. Nielsen (826, Info and Complaints committee chairman) Nikolaj Simling (640, 6.floor repr.)
Rasmus Vesti (scandis 412, Gym committee Chairman)


Council meeting chairman and secretary

Filip Strycko as Chairman (338), Rasmus Vesti and Daniel Nielsen as secretaries.


The topics “Rooftop project” and “gym equipment” moved forward. Agenda approved.

Last meetings’ minutes

Filip went through the minutes from the last meeting. Minutes approved.


Filip will ask the current treasure holder to transfer the money from each floor.



The kitchen balconies have been painted. The entrance has been painted as well.


Information from the committees


DR3 is probably missing in the rooms. Daniel will investigate. It is also probably possible to get a box with a full channel package in the rooms. Daniel will look into it. The high price for the channels is still an issue that people want fixed. Daniel will find the price list and make a full survey for all the popular channels, and afterwards make a few package suggestions. Daniel is also asked to look into splitting the antenna from the two other dorms.


Steff tells, now that the painting is done, a new project will soon start that will look into a new bar and later new furniture. Ira will ask Rune from 1st floor to work on it. We lost the disco ball. A new one will be bought. Filip is asking for colored lights, UV light and blinking lights. Steff tells that the adjustments to the decorations is Iras work.

Steff says that the committee wants both the new bar and the furniture to be done within half a year


Rasmus says that the Soccer party will be here soon.

Last year, after the Soccer party, the flag pole was broken. It still hasn’t been fixed. Daniel will ask Erik to look into it and perhaps fix it. It should be set up after the party.


Nikolaj says no news. Daniel asks for the international bank account number. Daniel also asks that it should be mentioned in the subletting contract that the person subletting the room should mark the bike. It is decided that the date should also be on the note.


No news. Janna will meet the committee and invite others on the dorm.


The new info screen is up and running. The computer seems to crash every few days, so Daniel will make it reboot every night. Rasmus is leaving the committee.


Two new complaints.


No news.


No news.


Janna says that the kitchen mailboxes by the entrance still need the old room keys. This also goes for the kitchen mailboxes above the resident mailboxes. People consider that the mailboxes by the entrance should have their locks removed, and that the mailboxes above the resident mailboxes should be closed. It has been agreed, and the mailboxes above resident mailboxes should be taped up and have a note on them that people should use the outside ones for the kitchens. Daniel will ask Erik to do it, and also ask Erik to change the loo doors to use the CAA keys.

Games and fun

Anna says the we have the foosball tournament on Saturday. Iras suggested that we have a karaoke night as well at one point. A quiz night on a regular basis is also mentioned. A quiz for the Halloween party is also up. The committee also considers buying second-hand games. The council has agreed to also have the lock for the cabinet with the PlayStation changed to a CAA. Anna will start board game nights every second week again. Daniel will also restart movie nights if we can find some working speakers.

Old projects

Painting of the bar (Steff Nielsen [734])

Filip loves the new paint and asks for some artwork. There was one person who was supposed to do some work, but nothing could be agreed upon. Ira is looking into it. Steff says the the painting was not difficult. Setting up the stuff was the hard part. 10 people were helping. Project closed.

Media room fixing project (Simone Marie Ullestad Thomsen[336], Daniel S. Nielsen [826], Janna Marieke Kuhlmann [331] )

The people will start the project in the coming weekends.


Information Videos (Theis Berthelsen, 5th floor)

Theis has finished the videos. Filip the videos. The videos will be linked in the leaflets and on the webpage, and the Facebook group as well. Music is wished.

“No thanks to advertising” (Daniel S. Nielsen [826])

It has been set into effect. Daniel will look into whether they advertisers actually respect that. Project closed.

Web page (Magnus Berg Sletfjerding [832])

Filip will ask Magnus to finish the translation of the homepage.

Information leaflets for new residents (Filip Strycko [338])

Filip will begin working on the leaflets now.

New projects

Bicycle parking lot cleaning

Filip wants a new bicycle cleaning. Janna suggests using weak paper/tape for all the bikes (something Copenhagen uses or some painting tape that wraps around the wheel). Bikes that still have these after two weeks will be removed. We have to pay attention to people subletting. Nikolaj will contact the people when the cleaning begins. Nikolaj mentions that he maybe cannot contact all of them since they don’t write their emails, but he can contact the people staying in the rooms. Daniel will explain Erik the new model and tell him to start it soon. Filip will follow up.

Rooftop garden

Proposal: make a rooftop garden. Question: Is it do-able? Kasper 548 will ask Erik about

the possibility of building a rooftop garden, and the pricing.

Voting: Does the council support the investigation? All in favor

Elevator ground floor access

People want to be able to use the elevator to leave. Since we can leave by the door, it should also be go to the basement without a key. All in favor. Daniel will ask Erik to set things in motion.

Quiz nights

Filip joined the Games and fun committee and will help with the quizzes.

Automated external defibrillator

We need an insurance for it. It needs to be outside. There will be courses on how to use it. The estimated price from last time still stands. The application has been sent today.

Articles of Association

Daniel and Bressing created an Articles of Association for the council and its committees some time ago. Stig was supposed to finish the document. Steff wants to finish it.

Collective property sharing definition

Filip wants a definition of and a list for what is possible to use in the dorm. Filip asks the committees to make a list of things they have that could be used by everyone at any time. Filip mentions the tall tables in the bar and lounge that could be used for private parties. He also mentions the extension cord in the storage. So a list of things that we are allowed to use outside committee work would be nice.

Steff asks if the committees have to be in charge of making sure that the items are returned. For the more valuable things a deposit should be imposed.

The council will take the lists and decide what can be lend out. Things with many components (e.g. tents) should not be lent out because risk of loss or broken things is too high.

Filip will make sure that the lists are created before the next meeting.

Accessibility (Wheelchair elevator access)

Filip wants the outside lift to be accessible to everyone. People agree. It could be an issue if people play with it or overuse and break it. It is used to carry trash from the basement to the ground level, and we don’t want to risk having them stuck down there.

The council decides that it should be open to everyone, and if it is misused it will be locked again. But there should be a key on every floor instead of keeping it totally unlocked.

Daniel will ask Erik if he thinks it’s a good idea. If Erik agrees, we will start a trial period where it is totally unlocked. We will evaluate at a later meeting.

New gym equipment

Tennis net: approved.  Hula-hoop: budget 400 kr + shipping: Approved.  Rasmus ask Erik if it is possible to hang a boxing bag in the exercise room

Football trophies

Daniel wants a glass cabinet to put the trophies on display. It’s 400 DKK. Link: The council votes all in favor. Rasmus mentions that one of the trophies for the soccer party is broken and needs to be replaced. Rasmus estimates around 400 DKK plus shipping. All in favor as well. There will be some information by the cabinet with information about the winners. Daniel and Rasmus will buy the respective items. The trophies also need to be engraved with the last few year’s winners. It will be a few hundred DKK. The council approves, and Rasmus will look into it.


Other points

Filip wants the pictures in the floor frames updated. Rasmus suggests making an event with a competition. Steff will look into it.


Rasmus mentions that the money paid to the laundry account for extra washes should be part of the yearly report (aarsregnskab).

Date of the next meeting

Filip suggests week 38. He will make a doodle.