Resident council meeting – Minutes – October

Date: 24. october 2016


Filip Strycko (338, Chairman) Nikolaj (640) 5. Floor missing
Lea (133) Mette (834)
Magnus (832) Daniel (825)
Simone (336) Rikke (227)
Katharina (135) Steff (734)
Sofia (631) 4. Floor missing

Council meeting chairman and secretary

Filip chairman

Simone/Lea secretary

Current meeting’s agenda has been approved.

Last meeting’s minutes has been approved.

Vice chairman

  • Nobody volunteered to be the new vice chairman
  • We will investigate if the person needs to be a representative


  • The money has not been transferred to the floors yet.  
  • Important: Carrots gets reset by new year. Members of committees should remember to spend it before!


  • Magnus has taken over as the official representative for the 8. floor. Mette is the new supplicant.  
  • Everyone present got message about meeting on email and facebook.
  • Nobody went to the street meeting. We need to stop them from destroying our tennis court. We need a Wimbledon party!!
  • Magnus is gonna convey our ideas for the new area.
  • We need to vent our radiators. Daniel thinks we should buy keys and let one from each floor have the responsibility of getting people on the floor to went their radiators. Daniel will talk to the janitors.  
  • Simone has floor heating. Everyone is jealous
  • We need to be more specific when asking Eric to buy something or buy it ourself. There has been some confusion in the communication when buying hulahoop rings. Therefore we have very expensive but high quality hulahoop rings.
  • Resident-meeting 20. November at 7 PM. Please tell people on your floor.
  • Katharina is working on the bank accounts. it will probably be some weeks
  • Bicycle has been stolen.
  • New project: We need to increase the storage in the surveillance camera.


  • Antenna: If a channel is missing, just tell Daniel or Eric, write on the group or something. It will only take a minute to get it back
  • Bar: Ira has left. Steff would like someone new to join. There are two bar-dates planned. There will be a very cool DJ on the 25. November – tell the people on your floors.
  • Sublease: making plan for next time
  • Party: Halloween party on saturday. There will be a fishbowl drink. The floors will be competing. Make people know their is a cool quiz at 20 PM. Posters should be make. Pictures will be taken, Simone says.  
  • Garden: meeting on the 2. November. Brainstorming. There is 4000 kr. available for new ideas.       
  • Information: Rasmus has left. Daniel is looking for a friend, pls join. We need someone to put information on the website. Daniel will update the photos from next week.  
  • Complaints: no news.
  • Media: no one present
  • Exercise: Ira can hear when people do pull-ups. We will respect people who lives above – so boxing bag project is dropped. New sound system or jack to the cardio-room.   
  • Key: nobody present.
  • Games and fun: there will be a game night on a tuesday soon.

Old projects

  • Web page: Magnus says it is a work in progress. Filip will send a message to make him remember
  • Information leaflets: work in progress (Filip)
  • Bike cleaning: painting tape will be put on the bikes from 1. November. Then people have two weeks to break the tape or they will lose the bike. Daniel will talk to the sublease. There is gonna be a buffer period. The bikes will be stored in that period, maybe for a week. You can buy your bike back from the police auction. Daniel will post on facebook. It has to be announced to all three dorms.
  • Rooftop garden: very little progress. Maybe the project will be dropped.
  • Elevator ground-floor exit: done.
  • Collective property: it will be online, so people are able to borrow things. It will be discussed on the next meeting
  • Articles of association: it is on Steffs to-do list
  • Channels: work in progress (Daniel).
  • Fixing flagpole: Eric has a guy to get right size.

New projects

  • Cardio-machine: Simone is waiting for reply on price etc for new machine. Normally we buy from Saga trim. We should sell the old cardio-bikes maybe in a garden sale.                  
  • Sauna: a room that isn’t used with hooks. Simone has researched and will look further into it. A sauna for minimum 4 people. People should tell their floor on the hall-meetings. The system should be free, unless people starts abusing the sauna.   
  • Christmas market: Anna is already started planning this (Fun and games). Simone and Sofia.

Date of next meeting

  • Extraordinary Council meeting: Monday 14. November at 6 PM.
  • Resident’s meeting: 20th of November at 7pm. Everybody should announce the meeting at their floor.
  • Regular: there will be a doodle. It will be in week 23-27.

Christmas dinner

  • Filip will make a doodle to decide the date.