Resident council meeting – Minutes – September


Date: 28. September 2016


Filip Strycko, 338, Chairman Soeren, 129 No-show
Simone, 336 Magnus, 832 2. Floor (shame)
Steff, 734 Katarina, 135 , treasurer
Stig, 432 Nanna, 126
Allan, 344 Nikolaj, 640
Lea, 133 Emilie, 537

Council meeting chairman and secretary

Filip as chairman and Simone as secretary

Current agenda

Everyone for.

Last meetings’ minutes

Everything is solved. So that’s nice. Very long walk through though.. Everyone votes that, yes, this was what was talked about at the last meeting.


Katarina talked with Jonas (?), he will help her understand what the f is going on and get her access / something about paperwork. Steff wants to know when the access happens, so he can get money for the committees. Kat says yes. She seems on top of it. That’s nice. Such competence!

Nicolaj asks questions about what the kitchen account is meant for. What is his floor even doing not teaching him this??


nicolai> how to get access to money? Ask Jonas or Katarina. Also they have a weird system on his floor, with two different accounts for kitchen and shopping. He’s asking about some mail account, stig has some knowledge about this. Jonas apparently told him to talk with the new treasurer. Ahh it’s about an account where people send mails to when they move, so that they can still be charged for their debt in the kitchen account. Oh the mails are being sent to ask if the mover owns any money, but since they can’t get the mails they can’t get their money. solution> speak to Jonas, get the mail account transferred to someone who actually checks it. Maybe get a floor representative on the maillist? 

Filip> kommunen is building a street in birketinget, they will have a meeting about the design. Does anybody want to come join? The meeting is on the 10th of october at 4/5pm, place to be announced.

nicolai> anders will be the new sub instead of nicolai, because he’s upgraded to representative.

Information from the committees


No one showed.


Next bar> 15th of october. Ira will talk with Rune sometime this month. They will get working on a new bar.


Steff talks about being elected constituted chairman again.

Halloween party is on the 29th of october. Please be dressed. Up.


International bank account, retrieved, money has to be put into regular account.

Changing of lease,

Storing your bike is at your own risk. Don’ be a bitch. Figure something solid out. But Tanja and Nicolai will discuss it further. Possible solution> something about a mark/tag. They will make a draft we can vote on on the next meeting. They also want a mail address. The rules should be translated into english – they might exist on the old webpage, filip will check up on this. Nicolai promises him and tanja will meet up 4 real instead of just emailing.


Janna from 3 floor joined. They got a key for the grill room? They have around 4.000 for use. They will have a meeting soon, and will also post a note on every floor about new ideas.


No one is here. Screen is fixed.


No news.


No news.


Rasmus will like to buy a boxing bag for the gym. Want to replace something.


A lot of run, because of new peeps moving in.

Changing of locks on the toilet on the ground floor, Eric is doing something about and the locks will be changed.

Games and fun

Anna has a lot of things planned. Too bad she didn’t show to tell about it.

Old projects

Media storage room> Daniel will do something about the drums. Take inventory. Make a list like what you did for the part room.  What can people borrow? What do we need to buy?

Webpage> Magnus wants to change something, and Daniel wants to look through it first.

Info leaflets for new people> Maybe like 10 pages about what to do and where stuff is in the dorm. Super generel info. Not floor related.

Bicycle parking lot cleaning> Daniel spoke with Eric, something will be done. Hopefully soon.

Rooftop garden? The guy is not here, but he’s in the process of

Elevator ground floor access> Daniel’s as well. Not done yet. The chip company is the one to talk to.

defibrillator> no new info.

List for borrowing things> the chairpeople sends them to Filip. Go through the lists. Make

rules. Deposit, maybe do like the bar? Or the garden committee? Timeframe for how long to borrow it? Chain of command so that there’s always someone to lend it from. common interface. Pr on the webpage. // committees will make up the rules.

//On the next meeting we will discuss the lists. Filip will send them out soon. The chairpeople will send them to him asap.

Article of association> a compilation of all the rules from the meetings from the council. Steff will do this.

New projects

Finish the lists> send them asap, pls.

Boxing bag for the gym> there’s a hook for it, so space is not an issue. Maybe the person living on top off it can hear some noise, do we care? It is quite cramped. Something about a line so it can be detached. Price? Trump motive? Buy boxing gloves as well. This gyu Rasmus will check up on it. Have a plan for the next meeting rasmus.

Simone will check up on the new cardio machine for the next meeting. Maybe sell old bikes? Super old one can be given to a museum perhaps??

Other points

We have a lot of money. Can we buy the dorm? Magnus’ idea. Something about who owns the dorm and if we will cease to exist.

Also make sure Daniel or Stig is here next time, because next meeting is geared toward their expertise knowledge. Something about budget.

New carpets!!!! Best day ever!!!!!

Come up with ideas for new stuff, ‘cause we’ve got the cash.

Date of the next meeting

Sometime in week 43.

Resident meeting will be between 15 and 23 of november.