Emergency Resident council meeting – November

Emergency Resident council meeting – Minutes

Date: 14. November 2016


Filip Strycko (338) Nikolaj (640) 5. Floor missing
Mette (834, alternate)
Allan (344) Daniel (825, resident)
Simone (336)
Steff (734)
4. Floor missing

Council meeting chairman and secretary

Daniel is chairman

Filip is secretary


  1. Statements from UBSBOLIG

Daniel goes through the statements and explains each category.


Big difference between expected and paid sum is in Antenna field. New hardware has been installed, which is capable of handling HD channels, better organisation of channels etc.

We are getting our channels from Viasat and/or Canal Digital. We do not have as convenient deals as before and that is the reason why we have to pay that much.

Nikolaj asks if our new hardware ties us to some specific provider. Answer is uncertain. Daniel encourages him to look into it.

Nikolaj has a point that 31A row has too high predicted value. TV channels are just ridiculously expensive.


We are spending more water than previous years, even after numerous water saving initiatives. We would like to have values of water consumption for each month. Erik has this information and Daniel will ask him.


We also spent bit more electricity than previous year. However, still less than expected. But there were no power saving projects.

Field 16

We need to ask UBSBOLIG why we put money aside but they were not spent. Probably some project was forgotten.

Field 25

Council did spend only 5195 dkk out of 14000 dkk dedicated for us. We need to try harder to spend money on us.

Field 61

In 2014 Kommune can take over us, however, we are working on the plan how to buy us out.

Field 65

There are our loans and obligations.

Field 82

Money from this field can be used for reconstructing media storage room and transforming it to the sauna (but not buying sauna itself).

Field 86

This field shows our loans. We are paying everything as we should.

Sauna project update

Simone and Filip visited saunaland and discussed

The cheaper sauna offered is 52 000 dkk but we would have to move it and install it ourselves + more money for electricity and water would be needed. More expensive sauna is +10k dkk, better quality, more suitable for professional use (more often usage).

There would be 2000 dkk needed for maintaining per year and if it breaks after lifetime of suna we can do that.

Rough estimate for electricity consumption is 8000 dkk per year.

Nikolaj mentiones julefrokost

Stealing presents game – 20 to 50 dkk per person, buying candies.