Residents’ meeting 20. November 2016

Residents’ meeting 20. November 2016

Missing: Any resident from the 4th floor.


– The Resident Council’s report

A walkthrough of all the stuff that’s been done since last residents’ meeting: elevator access, bicycle cleaning, defibrillator, rooftop terrace, painting of café coma, common property sharing, sauna, projekt birketinget, etc. See the minutes from the council meeting for more details.


– Presentation of the financial statement
Antenna: Why we must pay more. From 40 dkk till 150ish dkk. Everything is just much more expensive now – nothing much to be done. Except getting a different subscription. Someone from Scandis is working on this. If interested in being a part of this, please contact Daniel (826).


Water: Water saving initiative is working. It flat lined a bit. One issue could be that we share pipes with Scandis, and if they don’t save on water, it’s difficult to measure if we are saving anything at all. Were looking into getting some water meter to separate our consumptions.


Electricity: Slightly higher than last year, but generally it is going down.


Technical stuff: In the budget, we put aside 200.000 dkk for pipes/ventilation system. It didn’t happen so we now have 200.000 dkk extra. Money is moved to ventilation system on the roof as well as the roof itself.


– Election of members and alternates for the resident’s council with election of chairman
New chairman: Filip (338)

New floor representatives: Emilie (537) and Nikolaj (640)

New alternates: Anna (538) , Tine (626) and Mette (834)


Nikolaj and Tine switch their places in the council to member and alternate, respectively.


– Election of members and alternates for the board
Members: Daniel (826), Filip (338)

Alternate: Tine (626), Anders (636)


– Election of chairmen for the Bar committee and Party committee as well as members of the Complaint committee
Chairman of the BAR committee: No-one

Chairman of the PARTY committee: Søren (129)

Chairman of the GYM committee: No-one

New members of the COMPLAINT’S committee: Anna (538), Simone (336)


– (!!SUPER COOL!!) Presentation of the plans for the NEW PARK areas (Birketinget street)
Københavns Kommune and the Peder Lykke school have big plans for birketinget street. They want to access our property where the tennis court, soccer field and parking is, and transform the area into a soccer field, grill area, sand jumping thing area. Københavns Kommune will pay for the whole thing but maintenance. The idea group is open to our opinions. It will be open for the public and the school will have use of it during the day. In return we get access to the school’s area as well. Filip (338) and Daniel (826) went to a meeting with the constructors and representitives from the school and Københavns Kommune and told them we’d like to keep our tennis court (people are pleased). People as for trampolines. Latest updated version of the proposal also mentioned hammocks. Question: Are we liable in case of vandalism? Can we contact the school and get them to pay for it? If it is open for the public, then what if someone else does it? They talked about a 10-15-year contract about keeping it public. The construction should be finished, at the latest, by 2019. An updated plan for the area will be made. Maybe we can get Københavns Kommune to do a reservation system for the tennis court? We need legal counselling – UBSBOLIG is helping us. Concerns: the school is paying – we’re renting it to them for free (they may or may not have some rights over our property), we should not be the only ones paying for maintenance if it is public (not proportionate), possible vandalism (clause to close it off if this happens). Question: why are we even paying for maintenance? Also, maybe we should have an extraordinary meeting about only this project, so interested people can sign on. We should make it clear to the people behind Project Birketinget that we are not sure about this at all and are only there for listening to their ideas, so we don’t end up paying for anything, because they have started spending money.


First vote: Do we want to renew our property at all and be part of the renewal (setting the legal issues aside for this vote)? 10 for, 3 blank.


Other concerns: Maintain ownership, the chance of getting out early, we don’t want to spend any money. We want the tennis court. Look into the possibility of renting it out, so we can buy it back. Another idea: We lease the ground for the project’s length, so we can buy it back in the end (the lease is spent money divided by the length of the project (years)).

Someone says we should have a limit for maintenance costs, nice point.



  • We want to have a tennis court on the new area
  • We don’t need the grill area (we have a grill area already and so do the apartments next to Scandis)
  • We want some adult/outdoor gym if the childrens’ play area stays


Legal demands:

  • We don’t want to pay (that much) more for maintenance compared to what we pay now. Our property will be the only green area and therefore more interesting to the public and we don’t want to pay disproportionately more for maintenance. We want a cap on the maintenance
  • We don’t want to pay for vandalism and insurance
  • We want to know if we own the property even if Københavns Kommune builds on it
  • We want a timeframe in the contract that specifies when we get to close the property to the public again and the property and its content is fully ours
  • If the vote passes, the residents’ meeting will allow for Hørhus Kollegiet joining the project but this will not be any final confirmation; we need the final plans and contract before the residents will approve anything
  • We will make use of UBSBOLIG’s legal service to look over the contract and assure us that we will not be paying more and that we will still have access to our property after a specified time.


Second vote: Do we want to be part of the project with the above demands? 10 for, 3 blank.


– (!!SUPER COOL!!) Presentation of the SAUNA project
Simone presents her idea to establish a sauna in the media storage room. The room used to be a bathroom, so it is not necessary to build a new ventilation system or run piping for the shower. The sauna would fit up to 6 people.


Simone has found two offers from the same company:

  • Offer 1: DKK 62,330 including everything (custom-made for us)
  • Offer 2: DKK 52,550 including everything


Pros: Quick assembly, comfortable, healthy, no extra costs for the residents, increasing the value of the dorm.

Cons: Costs, dangerous, waste of space, waste of resources, sex?


Simone points out that there will be a timer in the sauna, so it cannot overheat, and that the sauna is only a good idea if the residents use the sauna.


It is suggested that people should only be able to access the sauna with a key. Every key holder should be registered (like the case with the gym room).


Furthermore, it is suggested to find more offers as the price – to some – seems to high.


People want to see offers from another company. If the new offers are not cheaper, the residents’ meeting will go with offer 1.


Vote: Will the residents’ meeting approve the sauna project with the above demand? 10 for, 3 blanks.


People mention cleaning of the sauna! Make an committee.


-Potential other points



  • Change opening hours of the gym – must be decided on a residents’ meeting and should be on the agenda. So, it has to be decided next time. Ask the 1st and 2nd floor about noise before the next meeting.