Resident council meeting – Minutes – November

Date: 28. November 2016




Filip Strycko (338, Chairman) Mette (834, alternate) 4. Floor missing
Søren (129, party) Cornea (646, resident) 2. Floor missing
Simone (336, alternate) Nikolaj (640, representative) 5. Floor missing
Daniel (826, resident)
Steff (734, representative)
Allan (344, representative)


Council meeting chairman and secretary

Chairman Filip, 338

Secretary Søren, 129


Current meeting’s agenda has been approved.


Last meeting’s minutes has been approved.


New chairmen:

Vice-chairman: Simone 336

Exercise chairman: Allan, 344

Bar committee chairman: (Patrick – maybe – no one knows..)





  • Update on surveillance
    • We can save the tapes for 30 days
    • Erik has access and ONLY him
    • Ask UBS bolig and the board
      • Expand to as much as technically possible
  • Extra money for the christmas dinner (carrot money from party and bar committee has not been used and can be used for fun at the christmas dinner) around 2500 kr extra
  • There is 100 000 in “overskydende midler” which can be used for the sauna.
    • This means we don’t have to use residents council money.
  • Birketinget is continued with a task force


New sublease rules + deposit


  • UBS bolig suggest to remove the deposits for sublease
    • Problem would be to get the money if they trash your room and just leave
    • No decision for now


  • Treasurer gets e-mails when someone moves out and should forward to floors so they can know if someone moves out and the owes money.
    • This e-mail is currently not being checked
  • Filip will look into bank accounts and cards
  • Katarina should have access to the email account
    • Filip is backup checker


Dormitory bicycle workman


    • A person in charge of the bicycle workshop
      • Discounts for bike parts
      • Clean and organized if one person is in charge
      • It is possible to contact the person if you need bike repair
    • The council will not pay but we can make a committee that is in charge of cleaning and maintaining the bikeworkshop.
    • Cornea volunteers to do this and wouldn’t mind to fix a bike if people wants it.


  • A committe will be made (bicycle/workshop committee)
  • Cornea will be in charge of:
  • Mainting and cleaning the bike work room
  • Buying and renting out tools


  • Bikerenting idea: will be taken up later


  • Next meeting: discuss tools.


Council dinner-

  • Food will be ordered tomorrow
  • A vote for vegan/vegetarians/meatlovers so we know what to order
    • Simone will write out tonight
  • There will be “pakkeleg”
    • More info later



  • Antenna
    • New member from scandis
  • Bar
    • steff quits maybe patrick is boss
    • Indie party and it was good
    • New speakers will need to be bought
    • Bar new years party
  • Party
    • Søren is new boss
    • No new parties
  • Sublease
    • We have covered it
  • Garden
    • New things for garden
    • Hængekøje
    • Remove trees
    • And more
  • Information
    • Daniel is leaving the committee
    • The committee does:
      • Website
      • Infoscreen
      • Facebook moderation
      • Contact list
    • Simone is interested and
      • Cornea will help with website
  • Complaints
    • One complaint – he pulled the plug and didn’t want to do it anyway
  • Media
    • Daniel is in charge of the speakers
      • Tha PA’s is not working so we want new ones – too expensive to repair
    • The media stuff is getting moved
    • Clean council room
  • Exercise
    • Kondiroom cabel is bought.
    • We got new offer for cardio machine
      • Do we want it?
    • New machines? – next meeting
  • Key
    • Not here
  • Games and fun
    • Movie night when we get speakers
    • Game nights has a hard time people doesn’t attend
    • Facebook pull for change of days



  • Web page
    • Work i progress
  • Information leaflets
  • Bicycle parking lot cleaning
    • Yes we have more space
    • 17 bike are gone
  • Collective property sharing definition
    • Work in progress
  • Articles of association
    • Work in prgress
  • Sauna
    • Approved at residents meeting
    • We found more money
    • We need to talk to byggesagskontoret so we can reconstruct the room
      • Simone will do room and Filip will get other offers
      • Simone will do rules and there will be key system like gym
  • Birketinget
    • Daniel is responsible with Anders for the project


Other points

  • Speakers
    • Daniel want money for renting speakers for indie party
    • Approved
  • New speakers
    • Daniel want 9000 isch for new speakers
    • You will get the money!
  • First aid box
    • Ask trygfonden
    • We need some kind of responsibility for refilling
      • The floor will be responsible themselves
  • Christmas decorations:
    • Janna Ku will be responsible for decorating and will get some money (500kr)


Date of next meeting

  • Beginning of january (christmas break)