Resident council meeting – April 2017

Date: 26. of April 2017


Filip (338) chairman Allan (344), representative  
Simone (336) vice-chairperson, secretary    
Nikolaj (6), representative Jana (446), representative  
Lea (1), representative Daniel (8) – board member  
Mette (8), alternate    
Søren (129), alternate    




  • Election of the chairman and the secretary


filip as chairperson, simone as secretary.



  • Reading and approval of the agenda for current meeting





  • Reading and approval of the minutes from the last meeting





  • Messages


  • Party committee would like a donation for the garden party. They ask for: 5.000 dkk. All in favor. Approved.
  • Filip would like to know if the floors have received their virtual bank account. The floors says no. Basically it’s a mess.
  • Has Nicolaj sent the extra 500 dkk he received by mistake baack? He says no. something long. He will talk directly with the treasurer.
  • If a new person moves in, make sure they use the slagboremaskine instead of a regular one. Otherwise it just makes noise instead of holes.
  • The antenna price increased. Again. But you all already knew that since you came for the residents meeting. and read the budget.



  • New storage room


Because of the sauna, we need a new media storage room. We could maybe merge with the big storage room (garden, games and shit), the storage box room – a lot of empty spaces. Solution: we will the media stuff and store the small stuff in the storage box room. Allan (obviously) has keys.



  • Information from the committees
  • Antenna committee (Kenneth Johansen)


nothing. we have no one.


  • Bar committee (Magnus Berg Sletfjerding)


Magnus just took over. we look forward to a new bar committee and reports.


  • Party committee (Søren Kildahl Jensen)


party on the 20th of may. do show up!


  • Sublease committee (Nikolaj Simling)


nothing. next time, show up or send an email about what you have done in the last month to the chairman.


  • Garden committee (Janna Marieke Kuhn)


nothing. next time, show up or send an email about what you have done in the last month to the chairman.


  • Information committee (Simone Ullestad)


nothing. we need members. we will update the contact list on every floor.


  • Complaints committee (Tine Kruse Scharling)


we have a complaint. we will deal with it in may.


  • Media committee (Stig Eilsøe-Madsen)


nothing. next time, show up or send an email about what you have done in the last month to the chairman.


  • Exercise committee (Allan Kristensen)


Allan is still trying to contact sagatrim, and adding some water dispensers. The ventilation in the kondi gym is shit, talk with Eric about it.


  • Key committee (Allan Kristensen)


Allan has a lot of money. he thinks its crazy and stupid and he wants most of them gone into some bankaccount. He will talk with katarina. We want a “folder/sub account” we cant use money from, allan will bring her most of the money and katarina will deposit the rest of it. we will call it “deposit”.


  • Games and fun committee (Anna Højgaard Madsen)


nothing. next time, show up or send an email about what you have done in the last month to the chairman.


  • Workshop committee (Camilla 8 floor – find name!)


nothing. next time, show up or send an email about what you have done in the last month to the chairman.




  • Current projects
  • Web page


Magnus isn’t here. show up!


  • First aid kits


they’re up! enjoy! Project closed.


  • Defibrillator – money


we need to approve money for the insurance of defibrillator. it’s less than 4.000 dkk so we approve.




Lea finished her findbolig update – its really good! She will send it to Anni who will approve it, and she will then send it to findbolig and get it updated. Lea wants some pics from the webpage – Daniel will help her get them.




  • Sauna project
  • Status


2 locks. We want a CAA key for it and a regular key. Instead of a CAA key, get a new master key, only bar, party and real chairman have – as well as eric and “new” hans.

Simone will find a glass wall divider for the shower.

Include in the rules: people should go there only on their own responsibility and if they have any medical issues they should consult their doctor before use.

Maybe make a sauna event when we launch it? bubbles and strawberries bitches!

  1. floor think they have some claim, umh no. vetoed.




  • New Projects
  • Articles of association: Filip printed a lot of documents – which he also would like to upload, so everyone can read them – that were read at the meeting. Do we approve of this move? Approved. Nikolaj will help Filip with this 🙂
  • Filip want to get rid of the project “leaflets for new residents”. Does anybody want to take over? Søren. Filip will send materials before he goes on vacay.
  • New Keys: new master keys so filip isnt the only one. What if he loses them?


Budget: 2.500 dkk



  • Energy project


we allocated 800.000 for the roof, only 300.000 dkk were used. So we can use 500.000 dkk for solar cells. Out of that we will spend around 400.000 dkk. it will take us around 5 years before we have earned our money back. solar cell company guarantee 10 years.

We have to fence off the area, so drunk people don’t destroy it. Maybe barbed wire? Who will email UBSbolig about this? Allan will!

They expect to  begin on may 1, and predict it will take around 2-3 weeks. Info committee will post about this.


LED project is going fine. 1 floor asks about sensors. everyone seems to like this idea. Filip will email UBSBolig about sensors and fencing on the roof.



  • Other points


  • Hans’ present: Basket has been bought, check has been printed. Line from 8 floor will write the message. Daniel will give the basket friday morning.
  • replacement for Hans: Daniel got angry and told them to begin pronto, because they did shit. We can be involved, and we currently have 1 demand. He should be able to speak english.
  • last year UBSBolig fucked up, this year they fucked up, if they fuck up again we should seriously think about switching to KKK.
  • new furniture in the bar. check the second hand store. make sure its easy to clean. Daniel will do this sunday 30th of april. no more than 3 couches and 1 small table! budget: 2.000 dkk. approved.
  • election of a new vice chairperson: new term. new person. maybe Magnus? Mette will ask him. or some other person on 8 floor. idk.
  • internet should be replaced in may.



  • Date of the next meeting: wednesday 24th May at 19:00 in the bar