Resident council meeting – May 2017

Date: 24.05.2017


Simone (336 vice)    
Lea (1)    
Emilie (5) NEW 🙂    
Søren (1 – alt)    
Camilla (8)    
Jana (4)    



  1. Election of the chairperson and the secretary

simone was chosen for both.

  1. Reading and approval of the agenda for current meeting


  1. Reading and approval of the minutes from the last meeting


  1. Messages
  • notice of parties. It’s unfair to the rest of the dorm, not noticing in proper time, which is 1 week before the party. We’ll do this: 1 step is inform the floors about this rule. if it’s still a problem after summer, we’ll start giving out fines. Simone will text every floor representative. the reps will then tell their floor.
  1. Information from the committees
    • Antenna committee (—)

Camilla Lamhauge-Mortensen is the new contact person. good girl Camilla!

missing channel – work in progress. we need more/new “ports”? it will cost us something – how much? 10.000. camilla will check if we in any way can not pay this amount.

    • Bar committee (Magnus Berg Sletfjerding)

Bar committee is applying for 1.000-2.500 for poolsticks. we agree on giving them 1.800 kr.  

    • Party committee (Søren Kildahl Jensen)

We had a great party. thanks! got a lot of cash – so cool! one floor thought it was annoying it coincided with exams. it will always coincide, sorry 😦

    • Sublease committee (Nikolaj Simling)

nope. didn’t show.

    • Garden committee (Janna Kuhlman)

nope. the hammoch broke. 😦 maybe check up on the benches and see if they can become nicer? a wish: a hammock set with poles. søren will elaborate on this point.

    • Information committee (Simone Ullestad)

got any pics from the garden party – send them to simone!

    • Complaints committee (Tine Kruse Scharling)

contact Anni if you have a complaint.

    • Media committee (Stig Eilsøe-Madsen)

nope. no show.

    • Exercise committee (Allan Kristensen)

Jana is taking over.  Søren asks for a cleaning spray in the strengtroom. Jana says she’ll look into it.

    • Key committee (Allan Kristensen)

Simone will contact Allan and Katharina and check up on whether or not they fixed the money situation.

    • Games and fun committee (Anna Højgaard Madsen)

Anna resigned. Are the rest of the committee doing anything? Either get more members, or ask if it can be a part of the bar committee.

    • Workshop committee (Camilla Lamhauge-Mortensen)

Camilla and daniel will clean the room soon. Maybe have some kind of workshops, where people who know something about fixing bikes will come and help people who know jack shit about it?  Maybe we can ask the people from the recycling station? a course? people would be interested.

Buy tools? maybe wire them to the ground/wall? Camilla will check up on this for the next meeting! Jana wants to help 🙂

  1. Current projects
    1. Master keyes – filip do something.
    2. New bar party lights – nothing new. deadline: before summer!
    3. New furniture in the bar – daniel didn’t do anything. Then when?
    4. New grillarea – instead of getting a new one, we should fix the one we have. Ask Erik to ret rid of the grass on the tiles. get someone to clean the grill – daniel?
    5. Filip want to get rid of the project “leaflets for new residents”. Does anybody want to take over? Søren. Filip will send materials before he goes on vacay. bad filip 😦 he will send it monday no later than 12!
    6. new project!!! Studyhall – Simone will check up on prices and possibility. Ask Erik! Lea wants to help 🙂 Chip or key (the one for the bikerooms).  
    7. Sensor på gangene – Lea will do some initial work and check up on the possibility. ask Erik.
  2. Sauna project – Simone will ask Erik, when and how long it will make noise. otherwise it is soon done!
  3. Birketinget project – nothing new.
  4. Other points
  • emhætter/udsugning/exhaust? (the things above the stoves). Nothing works. Simone will ask Erik if we can get it fixed.
  • If anyone has any ideas, feel free to join us at a meeting and present it!
  1. Date of the next meeting

Filip will do a doodle. Meeting will be in the end of June.