Resident council meeting – March 2017

Date: 20. March 2017


Filip Strycko (338, chairperson) Patrick (737)  
Simone (336, vice chairperson) Nikolai (640)  
Tine (626) alternate Allan (344)  
Lea (145)    
Magnus (832)    
Søren (129) alternate    




  1. Election of the chairman and the secretary

Filip is chairperson, simone is secretary.


  1. Reading and approval of the agenda for current meeting



  1. Reading and approval of the minutes from the last meeting



  1. Messages
  • New speakers: in Eric’s storage. Filip, magnus, søren and patrick will move them to the committee room. They will also check them out, and fill out the online form. They’re here and they’re big. 8. Floor would like to buy the old ones – approved to sell them. What should we sell them for? On one side it would be nice to keep 1 working old speaker as a backup, on the other, we could sell them for cca 3000 dkk. (8th floor would still need mixer to use them)
  • Rooftop offer: stig received an offer about something with a rooftop terrace. Ludvig Bygs says 700.000. Filip will answer them to contact our administrator (UBS)
  • Update the webpage.  Lea will look into it 🙂 maybe find pics of hørhus instead of scandis? And also of the rooms and common areas?



  1. New bank accounts + status

The rumor is true. We now have access.

Kat will bring a print version of what we use in 3 months.

Cards: we will have 3, simone, kat and patrick will have one each. No borrowing cards. Except when simone goes on exchange. We still need to order Patricks card – he will give his details to simone who will order a card for him.


  1. Virtual floor accounts and their future

Do we still need virtual account? Pros of having it: we have control, overview. Cons of having it: too difficult, the floors will actually know how much money they’ve got.

Do we want to abolish the virtual accounts? Approved. From now on, the money will go directly to the kitchen account – 500 dkk every 4 months. With a check up every 6. Month


Katharina will write all floor representatives and ask for a kitchen account number. She will make just-in-case checkup every half of the year, in case account number changes.



  1. New sublease rules

Nothing happened.


  1. Information from the committees
  2. Antenna committee (Kenneth Johansen)

Not here.


  1. Bar committee (Patrick Mogensen)
  2. Accounting (+new card): card will be ordered. Use a bank and do accounting.
  3. Supplies: we now have Mintu.

iii. Ice machine: magnus wants an ice machine that the council should buy, free for everyone. They haven’t talked about it. Anything between 2.000 to 10.000. Magnus will prepare a specific proposal with at least 3 candidates for the next meeting.

Last bar night was fun, but not super populated.

Maybe promote it more? Facebook event pls! Patrick has been made moderator.

Next bar night is april 1st.


  1. Party committee (Søren Kildahl Jensen)

TDC went well. One complaint: people gradually started to disappear – too bad for the last couple of floors.

Pics should be on the infoscreen tomorrow at 5 (21 march). Contact søren (1. floor) if you want to join! Pls join!

Midsummer party/garden parrty will be discussed at the party committee meeting on the 20 march. More info AFTER the party committee meeting.

The council could potentially sponsor something.

For the next meeting, the party committee will provide a budget for the party, so the council can vote on how much to sponsor.


  1. Sublease committee (Nikolaj Simling)

Nope. relatively quiet. 2 things Nikolaj has to react to – he will deal.


  1. Garden committee (Nanna Merethe Jensen)



  1. Information committee (Simone Ullestad)

We need members. Seriously low maintenance

Think about what you post on face.


  1. Complaints committee (Tine Kruse Scharling)

We have a complaint. We will have a meeting on 22 march. UBS bolig says no limit for how long we can freeze a deposit.


  1. Media committee (Stig Eilsøe-Madsen)



  1. Exercise committee (Allan Kristensen)

About to make Allan the official leader – forwarding documents.


  1. Key committee (Stig Eilsøe-Madsen)

Stig is leaving. We need a new person. Low-maintenance.  Allan will take over.


  1. Games and fun committee (Anna Højgaard Madsen)



  1. Workshop committee (Lucian Cornea)

We need a new chairperson or close it down. Possible Nikolaj will become chairperson. Cleaning, toolbox for rent. Magnus will do it.


  1. Current projects
  2. Web page

Something need to be updated. Magnus will do it.


  1. First aid kits

Simone will ask Hans again to put up hooks. Simone will post in the facebook group when it happens.


  1. Articles of association

No news, Steff not attending anymore – closing the project?


  1. Sauna project
  2. Reconstruction of the room

Simone will talk with Eric again.


  1. Another offer

One offer: get fancy lighting and upgrades. Fancy Sauna oven +10.000. Jedi lightning!

Different offer: infrarød sauna. Not feasible.

No speakers in the sauna. We like our quiet.


  1. Birketinget project

No new information.


  1. Energy project

There was a meeting. Something about new lights, maybe get sensors for the common areas, maybe change the rubber around the balcony door, emhætter,

The kitchens will get a new window-wall. When will this happen?

If you have any more ideas – contact daniel!

They will talk more on the next meeting.


  1. Other points
  • Resident meeting: find date. Simone will make a facebook event once the date has been confirmed. 24. Of april. At 19:00 in the bar. Invite soon!

Board meeting on the 25. Of april.

Contact ubsbolig about a yearly budget. We will receive it on 24. March

We need a new chairman, lobby-work it people!



  1. Date of the next meeting: before the resident meeting.


  1. Points for next meeting
  • Carrot money: only big committees or also the small ones? A bit ridicules for small committees to get it, since it’s like social money. Filip will look into this.