Resident council meeting – Jun 2017

Council meeting. Thursday 29th of June 2017.


Filip Strycko (339, chairperson), Alan Kristensen (344, 3th member) Jana Trepte (446, 4th member), Nikolaj Simling (640, 6th member, Sublease committee), Camilla L-M (830, antenna and bikeshop committees), Daniel S. Nielsen (826, board member), Simone Ullestad (336, vice-chairperson), Emilie ? (5??, 5th member?), Ira Sofia Charbis Kjær-Rasmussen (244), Janna Kuhlmann (331, Garden committee), Søren Kildahl Jensen (1??, party committee chairperson)

1. Chairperson and secretary of the meeting

Chairperson is Filip, secretary is Daniel.

2. Approve agenda


3. Approve minutes from last time

Daniel asks what the ”master keyes” project is. Filip explains that he has keys that there are no copies of. One is for the glass cabinet in the basement, the other is for the chairperson’s file cabinet in the council room.


4. Messages

– Fillip got some money (order of 2k DKK), and no message. Filip will ask Magnus and Søren if it’s them who gave the money.

– Filip asks if there’s any issues with parties at the moment. There seems to be no issues.

– Open House Thursday 6th of July from 13:00-16:00, where people from the five dorms now managed by our office can meet Torben, our new inspector (Erik will take care of Hans’ duties)

– The new inspector Torben is more or less settled.

– Daniel and Filip reveal a new idea of open communication with the inspector using a secret Facebook group where the insepctor will approve posts and write comments. People can comment on the posts and the post can be locked when the issue has been resolved. It will mainly be about council projects and floor issues. Personal/room issues should still be done over email. Initially, we will have a trial period for only the council.

5. Treasurer

The treasurer was supposed to show up. She is supposed to show up every three months where the council can discuss the transactions in the council account since last.

The 500 kr. that was added to the floor account every four months will now be sent to the kitchen accounts.

The floors have still not recieved their floor account money. Filip says there are still a few accounts missing before all the money is sent.

6. Committees

a. Antenna committee

We have an offer for an extension for the antenna/channel station that will now be able to handle the new HD channels that replace the old SD channels. HD uses more bandwidth and CPU, so the current setup is barely able to handle the flow. The upgrade will cost about 11k DKK. The council does not oppose, so it will be installed.

The monthly price for the antenna will also be reduced when UBSBOLIG prepares the new contract that will allow the dorms to only pay for the number of packages that they use instead of using the distribution key (fordelingsnøgle) which is normally used for expenses shared by the three dorms. Since Hørhus is 53% of the total residens among the three dorms, we also pay 53% of the current packages, even though we only use 17 and they use one per apartment. So, expect the price to drop rapidly.

b. Bar committee

Fuck Roskilde-bar on Saturday.

The ice machine has been dropped.

c. Party committee

Soccer party coming in September. The party died last year between the soccer games and dinner. The bar and music was moved down and for many hours nothing happened until the dinner in the afternoon. People suggest to start later, but there will be too little time for the floors that need to make the dinner. The committee will come up with some ideas for the time between the games and dinner.

d. Sublease committee

Nikolaj says that the new website has the old contracts. Daniel will fix that.

e. Garden committee

Janna explains that the new hammocks that Janna found are already broken. Janna wants to plant tulip onions so they show up in the spring. Several of our benches are old and broken. We should get some new ones. Other kinds of chairs are also wanted. Janna will look into it.


Erik will clean the grass between the tiles and get new grates for the stone grill. Filip will follow up on this. We also need some bin/bucket for the hot ashes. Erik should empty it. Janna will look into the bucket.

f. Info committee

The website has been moved from the old server in the server room to be hosted by wordpress.COM. is a service which gives the usual wordpress blog but without low-level access to files/code. This has many advantages and few disadvantages: The framework is automatically updated and maintained by the website so users ONLY need to maintain the content itself, however one cannot use the usual wordpress plugins so the website functionality is also limited (this is also an advantage as little maintanence is needed).

The council doesn’t want the contact information for council and committee to be displayed publically on the website. Daniel explains that it was not supposed to be public, but it cannot be IP-blocked anymore on the new website. People agree that it should be moved to the Facebook group. Daniel will fix that.

Simone will be studying abroad for a while and leaves Daniel with all the work. No one else wants to join the committee.

g. Complaints committee

The committee got an internal complaint against itself which was resolved: The committee got a reprimand. The committee wants people from floors other than 3rd and 6th to join.

h. Media committee

Stig is leaving the committee. Ole from 5th floor might be able to take over, Emilie says. She will ask him. The committee will be renamed to the music committee. The big PA’s used by the party committee and the projector will be under control of the party and bar committees from now on.

Nikolaj suggests a ceiling mount for the projector. No one but Daniel wants it as the current mobile setup suffices.

i. Exercise committee

The cleaning spray for the equipment is still not here. Alan will put out his own.

The ventilation is not working in the cardio gym. The gyms are not cleaned. Filip will look into it.

The ventilation talk sparks an off-topic discussion: If the filters in the exhaust hoods (emhætter) in the kitchens are dirty, they will not suck air. Before reporting them as not working, clean them first. The office will tell you to do that anyway.

Some of the hoods are, however, legitimately not working, and the floors are asked to report to the office. Filip will ask the inspectors what it will cost to have the exhaust air-flow increased.

j. Key committee

The giant pile of money that Alan has will be put into the council’s bank account.

Ira will help Alan estimate how many keys for the gym, music room and depot are in circulation, such that he can have that amount lying in cash and no more or less.

Daniel asks Alan that he makes copies of the keys that he has few of now. The deposit money is exactly for this. Alan and Filip will look into this.

k. Games and Fun

Anna left the committee 5 months ago. No one is active in the committee. The bar will take over the extra board and garden games. The committee has been closed.

l. Workshop committee

Camilla will announce a cleaning day soon. Daniel and Camilla will throw EVERYTHING out. Camilla will look into the tools on a wire. Jana asked people about the workshops, but no one seemed interested. Camilla will make a trial workshop anyway.

7. Current projects

a. Party lights

Nothing new.

b. Bar furniture

Two nice chairs and a nice sofa have been bought for 2*100 + 500 DKK. The people still wants tables.

c. Leaflets for new residents

Filip handed over the project to Søren last time. Daniel joins the project.

d. Council statutes

Filip is responsible for the project. It’s a document describing all the rules and workings of the council and the committees. The rules are being moved to the website. If you need to understand how a committee works, look at the rules on the website.

e. Sauna project

The carpenters have started putting together the sauna. Filip is unsure if they know how to put it together correctly and will follow up on the project.

f. Energy project

Janna will check the energy consumption of the fridges on several floors; she is already done with 3rd floor. Long term, we will get new fridges. Janna also wrote down the temperatures that they are set to.

The plastic recycle boxes are too small. Janna suggests using the other cabinet under the sinks just for the plastics.

Daniel says that the solar cells are still under production.

g. Sensor on the floors

Lea initiated this project in the council, however, Daniel was already working secretly on it with the office. He says that an offer is already on the way for sensors for the floors. Daniel will look into it.

h. Studyhall

The council meeting room (which isn’t used for meeting anymore) is used as temporary storage for the media equipment which used to be in what is now the sauna. Simone once suggested that the meeting room should be converted into a study room. Simone has looked into lamps and study tables for the council room and will come back with actual prices and pictures.

Filip asks Simone to ask Torben/Erik to look into getting electric/active ventiliation installed in the hole in the room; it gets stuffy pretty quickly at the moment.

8. New projects

a. Dorm promotion pictures

We need new pictures of the dorm and facilities. Magnus’s (832, chairperson of the bar) camera will be used.

b. Table tennis

It’s almost entirely broken. It was used at one party when it was put out, but it’s not used otherwise used at all. Filip will talk to Torben/Erik about having it fixed.

9. Other points

– Janna will be hosting a workshop for Germans in October. She asks if she can use the lounge for the workshop during the week. The council will allow it but Janna should ask Magnus if there’s a bar on that Saturday.

– Nikolaj suggests that a formal complaint should be made for the delayed drop test/inspection/survey of the elevators which should have happened two weeks ago according to the dates in the elevators. Daniel says that they did happen but that they were not approved. The office has not been able to get into contact with the officials who made the survey to get an explanation of what exactly was not approved.

UPDATE: Daniel went the next morning and asked. The elevators are NOT dangerous to use. The issue is merely a new law which the doors do not follow. The issue is being resolved and the elevators need not be shut down in the period.

10. Next date

Filip will made a doodle.