Resident council meeting – 9. August 2017

People who are present:

Filip 3rd floor, chairman of the residents’ council

Søren 1st floor, chairman of the party committee

Lea 1st floor representative

Alan 3rd floor representative

Jana 4th floor representative

Anna 5th floor substitute

Nikolaj 7th floor representative

Anita 7th floor resident


Filip has been chosen as speaker

Steff has been chosen as secretary

Minute from last time and this time was approved. Filip does however need to invite members of the residents’ council, who hasn’t received access to the inspector Hørhus facebook group (from last meeting), as Lea and Nikolaj, haven’t been invited.


Katharina hasn’t shown up for some time, and he hasn’t been able to get budgets from her for some time. Filip did however get an account reading from her at last, and this reading has been passed around at the meeting.

Filip received money from an anonymous source, some time ago, and no one knows where they are from.

Søren and Filip received an e-mail from person who wanted to rent rooms for a shooting location for a tv-show. As some rooms belong to individual persons, we wouldn’t be able to decide on their behalf, as to whether or not they could rent out their rooms for five or six. As for rooms that don’t belong to individual persons, we are going to ask for more information, but we are overall optimistic about the idea. We do however have to ask UBS about what the rules are in regards to renting out rooms for a tv-show. Fillip will write to the person who sent him a mail, and to UBS as well.

5th point. Dismissal of the treasurer. Katharina the treasurer has been negligent of her work, and  Filip has had problems contacting her. Filip states that Simone could act as the link between the account as she has a credit card at her desposal. However Katharina has moved to South Africa, and she has stepped down from the committee. We have elected Nikolaj as treasurer in her place. Congratz to Nikolaj! We then proceeded to discuss how the transfer from one treasurer to another.

Messages from the committees:

Party Committee is doing the football party soon. But aside from that, there aren’t any news.

Sublease Committee has a lot of work. UBS contacted Nikolaj about why we ask for peoples’ CPR numbers, and apparently we don’t need the CPR number for anything, so we’ll stop asking for the resident’s CPR numbers.

The Garden Committee has found a new offer for disposal for ash from the grills. The new disposal will cost 400 kroner at most, and we approved the purchase of the new disposal.

The Information Committee needs a new contact person, and thankfully Lea wanted to take up the mantle, so congrats to her. Recently there has been appearing more and more information from outsiders on the Hørhus facebookgroup, and Lea will filter out posts from people who don’t live here.

The Complaint Committee are very active, and holding a lot of long ass meetings.

The Music Committee has gotten itself a new contact person; Ole from 5th floor.

The Exercise Committee needs a new contact person.

The Key Committee needs Patrick’s old key from when he as chairman of the Bar committee back as he never turned it in, when he left his position. Steff will remind him to hand it over to Alan. Alan has also counted the amount of keys, and reports that things are under control.

Filip will create some posters as advertisement for the committees (especially Exercise Committee, Complaint Committee and the position as chairman of the Resident’s council).

Current projects:

Inspector Hørhus is still in trial.

We decided to purchase a new table for the bar. Janna will take care of this purchase, and we have set 500 kroner aside for this purchase (expecting that there will money left over after the purchase).

Søren has presented a new prototype for the leaflets for new residents. It looks great, good job. We discussed what would be on the front page of the leaflet but we didn’t agree on anything.

Filip is working with Daniel on the statues of the resident’s council.

The Sauna is almost done except for a few tweaks. When the sauna is done it’s rules will have to be developed by the committee that manages it, which will likely the fall under the Garden Committee (as Scandis can take the leadership of the Exercise Committee, which it would likely otherwise have fall under).


We also decided that the rules of article 8 in the house order should also count for maintenance and outside workers in regards to noise, so that workers are not allowed to make any noise before 9 am. We will also work on redefinition of article 8, which would be verified on the next resident’s meeting.

Janna from 3rd floor is thinking of making an expansion of the recycling on the dorm, in order to bring down the amount of waste. She was mainly thinking of an expansion of plastic and soap recycling. We approved 400 kroner for her to outlive her visions on a trial basis provided that 3rd floor approves of it on the next hall meeting.

Torben wants to have the lights be turned off the main hall, in order to save energy, and lea will talk to him about how it works. She will come back to talk to us about it at the next resident council meeting.

We then talked back and forth the study hall project.

New projects:

Replacement of the shower-head-holders. Filip asked the council if they wanted never holders in their bathrooms replaced into some nicer holders. Filip will talk to Torben about it, and it will be discussed on the next resident’s meeting.

We need new cables with grounding as well as two new “cable rolls”. We decided to buy 10 new cables and two rolls for a price of 1000 kroner.