Resident Council meeting minutes, 10. October 2017

Date: 10.October 2017


Tia 434

Lea 145

Søren 129, party chairman

Magnus 832, bar chairman

Filip 338, chairman

Nikolaj 640, sublease contact person and treasurer

Steff 734

Anya 538

Ira 244

Mille 542

Alan 344, key contact person

  1. Filip is chairman. Magnus is the secretary.
  2. Agenda: Filip wants to add a point about the residents meeting. That’s fine.
  3. Minutes from last meeting.
    1. Nikolaj reads them up. They are in Danish. They are very long.
    2. People should know that the reading of the minutes is not the time to come with messages.
    3. Approved.
  4. Messages
    1. Tia is the new rep from her floor. That is the fourth floor.
    2. Filip has a message about the thieves on the 2nd floor. She called Annie, and she said she had a “dialogue” with someone from the floor. Conclusion: she will look at the law. Surveillance should NOT be a problem, but must be approved by the Board. She will send an email to Filip soon. Work in progress. Cameras should stop people from stealing.
    3. Teenagers who don’t know anyone have been hanging around downstairs, and also they’ve been a problem on some floors. People should be wary of who they let in. Filip will announce it to the inspectors about the camera signs.
    4. Magnus also has a point about something. It’s so exciting, it’s through the roof.
      1. Roof on 8th is broke. Needs fixing asap. Can Filip push them? yes.
    5. Steff got a strange email from UBS. They never got the expenses from the bar repainting last spring. He had to send the old budget but there was a problem. When the money was spent, there was 400 kr left, that were spent on the cables. Can we stand for that?
      1. Approved.
    6. Allan has checken on the door from the bicycle cellar. It has never been a problem, and it hasn’t been unlocked.
      1. Lea talked to Torben and Erik. Chips are expensive. They suggest locking it permanently.
      2. We should ask how many people use it. People will ask their floors.
    7. Soerne has gotten messages about the projector. He thought it was the media committee. It is the bar committee. Currently only the council room is being used.
      1. Allan now has the key. He is the new Daniel.
    8. Filip: DR3 finished filming at the dorm. They loved it. Filip will ask them to promote us and mention us.
    9. Filip: Board has given dispensation for one person to stay an extra year.
    10. Tia: Elevator inspection note should be updated. They will be.
    11. Ira: Biowaste could attract rats.
      1. Mille: in Slagelse, it’s not been a problem, if people close the bins.
    12. Lea checked doors. It’s ~20k per door to get a chip. We should check it on residents’ meeting. Filip will include it in agenda.
      1. Filip will talk to them about checking out the doors. They haven’t even though they say so. We don’t know, but we’ll be nice to them.
    13. Lea talked to inspectors. They’ve said there will be a firecheck soon. People should be ready for that.
    14. Filip has been considering making the inspector hoerhus fb group public.
      1. Nikolaj thinks its weird. Discussion about why.
      2. Conclusion of discussion
        1. Only for bigger/common problems
        2. Representatives from floors only.
    15. Steff suggest renaming dorm. Not approved.
  5. Christmas dinner
    1. Filip suggests it be open for all council members, and people who are involved in committees during the past year.
    2. Things to be done:
      1. Decorations
      2. Food
      3. Drinks
      4. Games
    3. Date: Dodle
    4. Head Organisers: Ira and Tia. Approved.
    5. Budget: Magnus suggests 1500 + 200 per person. Simone will be contacted by Head Organisers.
  6. Committees
    1. Antenna committee (Camilla Lamhauge-Mortensen)
      1. 1st and 2nd floor complain about live football on kanal 5.
      2. Box needs to be replaced. Thats gonna be like 10 000 for the entire dorm. We want to do that.
    2. Bar committee (Magnus Berg Sletfjerding)
      1. Nothing new.
      2. Needs members.
    3. Party committee (Søren Kildahl Jensen)
      1. Having a meeting on Thursday.
      2. Needs members.
      3. Rave 11/11.
    4. Sublease committee (Nikolaj Simling)
      1. Nothing new.
    5. Garden and sauna committee (Janna Kuhlmann)
      1. Janna isn’t here.
    6. Information committee (Lea Makurath)
      1. We talked about that no one should be allowed to post in the group about a room if they dont live here. People who do live here have posted that, but Lea doesn’t know whether to delete it.
      2. We decide that: mo deletion.
      3. She needs the key for the glass and the sign. Filip gave it to her.
    7. Complaints committee (Tine Kruse Scharling)
      1. Looking for members.
    8. Media committee (Ole Pedram)
      1. Wanted to fix piano. Given a budget of 2000 kroner to fix it.
      2. Renting out drums was brought up. We don’t rent out drums.
    9. Exercise committee (Ole Pedram)
      1. Buying new equipment:
        1. Someone from the third floor posted on fb that she wanted to add a step thing. That is cool for us.
        2. Someone wanted to add leg weights. They bought it, and offered to leave it in the gym, if we reimburse it. Do we want to reimburse it (400 kroners max)? Yes.
    10. Key committee (Allan Kirstensen)
      1. Still waiting for keys. Allan doesn’t really know what to do. Inspectors are ever there when Allan is, and not responding to emails. Filip will look into is.
    11. Workshop committee (Camilla Lamhauge-Mortensen)
      1. Nothing new.
  7. Current projects
    1. Bar lighting system (Søren Kildahl Jensen)
      1. Soern went to 4sound.
        1. Big black-color light (BBC light) for 1200 kr.
        2. Color Bars – flashy fun with lights. Costs 1000 kr.
        3. Lamps: 1000.
      2. Do we want to rent it? No.
      3. We give him 5000 kroner from the council money to do what he wants with. Approved.
    2. Leaflets for new residents (Søren Kildahl Jensen)
      1. Soern sent Filip Danish leaflet. We need to translate it to English.
      2. Magnus will translate.
      3. Tia wants to print things at school.
        1. Budget is: print 20 copies in each language as a trial. 200 dkk top.
    3. Council statues (Filip Strycko)
      1. Filip has uploaded on the website. We should read and give input.
      2. Steff is explicitly dissatisfied with Daniel’s upload of the statutes.
    4. Sauna project (Filip Strycko)
      1. Approving the rules:
        1. Amendment: we want to allow one person, with no permission from committee. Permission will be necessary for more than one person.
          1. Voting: Approved with changes.
          2. Deposit: 200 kr
      2. Ordering the last pieces of equipment: Filip bought it for 2000, it fits in project budget.
    5. Energy project (Janna Kuhlmann)
      1. Not here
    6. Bio waste recycling (Ira Sofia)
      1. Nothing new
    7. Studyhall (Lea Makurath)
      1. Nothing new, she’s writing a thesis.
      2. If people want it, she will do it with some help.
    8. Sensors at the hallways (Lea Makurath)
      1. Need residents meeting approval.
    9. New power equipment (Søren Kildahl Jensen)
      1. Bought it for 900 kroner. He will be reimbursed.
  8. Other points
    1. Minutes in English? – Mag 832
      1. Will be discussed on next meeting
    2. Moths on 7th:
      1. Have put dry food in airtight containers.
      2. Are the lockers personal? Yes, they have locks.
      3. People should discuss this at floor meetings.
    3. Nikolaj: emergency procedure for new treasurer:
      1. He has gotten some papers from the bank. Should be signed by him and Simone.
      2. Daniel still needs 9000 kroners to get transferred from bar.
      3. Filip has set up a mobile pay solution. To be approved by Nikolaj before stuff happens
  1. Date of the next meeting
  1. After residents’ meeting.
  2. Residents meeting: 18:00 the 21/11. approved.