Resident’s meeting at Hørhus Kollegiet, 22. november 2017

1: Approval of chairperson, secretary and agenda

Filip (338), the current chairperson, welcomed all the residents and propose himself as the chairperson of the meeting and Lea (145) from the residents council is willing to be the secretary. The meeting approved both of them and the agenda is approved as well.

2: Council status

Filip (338) presents the work of the council over the last half a year. Hans retired and Torben is the new Erik, and Erik is the new Hans. We hope he will feel welcomed at Hørhus.
The council created a FB-group called Inspector Hørhus, where all represenatives and Torben are members. The group was created in order to make a better contact between us and the caretakers. We can now get in contact with them all day around and don’t need to go down to them at a certain time.

The council created leaflets for new residents, Søren (129) designed them. They have all relevant info for new residents on them and will be translated into english as well.

Our bar has got new furniture and lighting, which the council paid for. Very cool new lights – we are looking forward to parties down here.
The council got after some problems a new treasurer – Nicolaj (640). We are very happy and Nikolaj will look into our money-issues and clean up.

The biggest project form last year was the sauna. We are very happy to announce it is working now and can be used. Allan will be handing out keys after the meeting. Rules are in the sauna and soon also on the website. In the future the Garden and Sauna committee (socalled Gauna) will look after the sauna. This committee is in need for new members

3: Committees

In the following all committees presented what they did in the last half a year.

Ole (534) tells that Paino is fixed and it is working very nice. There is a lot of stuff in the music room – just get a key and go jamming. Ole (He is the whole committee) will work on a digital reservation system and this will soon work. The 1st floor says that the music room is quiet loud and Ole promises to see if we can work on this.

Everything is working, says Ole (534). We have both a exercise and workout room. Ole remembers everybody on, that keys fordifferent rooms can only be handed out by the key committee!

Jana (former 331) as a contact person tells that the garden committee had three different projects. Garden project:
They tried to plant som highbeets with vegatables. This did not go very well, they recommend doing flowers next year.

They will be in charge of maintance of the sauna.
They look into the best ways of doing recykling at the dorm and work with representatives of all floors to come up with solutions that fits and work for all floors. Janna already moved out and the committee is in need of members – Ole (534) joins.

Magnus (832) tells that the bar committee organize bar night ones in a while. This is very fun and cool, so we can be social between the floors. He stabbes down from his post and the chairperson position is open.

The party committee organized four big parties this year. Football and TDC as the traditional ones, and a gardenparty and lastest a rave. Søren (129) is the chairperson and they also were the ones in charged of deciding on the new lighting system in the bar.

Allan (344) is handing out keys to residents. If you want a key you just need to contact him and have cash. 200 kr.: depot, sauna, motionrum 50 kr.: Music This is a very easy task, but he will be doing an internship next year and would like some help, so that residents don’t need to wait to long for their keys. Steff (734) offer to help with it.

Lea (145) is the contactperson here and says this committee is a secret one. They take care of internal and external communication. As homepage, Facebookgroup, contactlist and infoscreen.

Nikolaj (640) is check out that people are following the rules for sublease. He says it is just adminstrative work and if somebody wants to join they are more then welcome.

Camilla (830) is the contact person of this committee, but she was not able to attend. She takes care of the bicycle storage and the tools in the room. This is a really nice thing to have at our dorm.

Complaint committee:
This committee is really important, they take care of issues between residents. If some residents break the house order and you fill a complaint about him/her the committee will take up the case and make a hearing with both parts and see what consecvenes there should be. This is a great way to solve problems between residents and they do a great job, there a around 5 complaints every halfyear. At the moment they are very few members and are not able to solve all complaints in the timeframe. Members need to be voted in tonight!!! Karin (348) represented the work of the committee on behalf of the contactperson Tine (626).

4: Københavns Kommune
Tine form Københavns Kommune presents the project in danish. Kommunen is doing a project with rebuilding the school, Peder Lykke Skolen, next door. In order of construction they want to use our tennis count until august next year. The contract is until october, just to be sure. They will pay us 8.000 kr. Every month. After the end of the rent they will pay for rebuilding the tennis count, the fence and plant some new trees.They will start in the beginning of december. Kommunen willk pay for everything, and they promise us rent until we can use the count again.

Voting: The meeting approves the project and give the council the power to work with this and ensure the best deal for us.

5: Election of people to different positions at the dorm
Barcommittee chairperson:
Tia (434) runs. Voting: Tia is approved

Party committee chairperson:
Søren (129) runs again. He is approved.

Complaint committee members:
Tine (626) approved as contact person again.
New members:
Søren (129) approved
Magnus (832) approved
Victor (339) approved
Iben (337) approved
Signe (831) approved

Election of members and alternates of the resident council, and chairperson and secretary:

Chairperson :

Victor (338) from the 3rd floor runs for chairperson, no other candidates. He did a short presentation about himself. He is studying a MSC in Software Developement. He sees himself as very openminded and he is a creater, which will help him to become a good chairperson. Asks about his campaign slogan, he answers: “The new Filip”. He is approved with a broad manority. Victor is approved as the new chairperson of Hørhus Kollegiet.

Nobody was willing to candidate as secretaty and so the position is open, as it has been the last year.

Election of members of resident’s council:
2nd floor: Ira (244) is approved as a member.
3rd floor: Allan (344) is approved as a member and Simone (336) as an alternate. 4th floor: Tia (434) is approved as a member.
7th floor: Steff (734) is approved as a member.

All other representaives and alternates were still in their two years period.

Board members:
Filip (338) and Daniel (former 826) are stabbing down from the board, which is the highest institution of the dorm.
The meeting elected Victor (339) and Steff (734) as new members

6: Financial statement
The financial statement for the whole dorm was handed out on every kitchen and we can now discuss it and ask our questions. Victor (339) and Stef (737) will take the questions to the board:

Washing – twice the budget, why? If we know it will be higher, why isn’t on the budget? But the number is really really high, so something is wrong. We need to understand what is going on.

Daniel says, that there at the board meeting always is a paper with additional notes. We need that at our resident’s meetings, because then we would understand more and better.

7: Council financial statement
Nikolaj (640), as the new treasurer, wants to give all the residents an overview on the ecomony the council is managing. Every resident is pay ‘kolliganerbidrag’ every month. The conucil used the money for gift for Hans, contributions to parties, the interior of the sauana, new lightning of the bar and money to all floors. The council gives 500 kr. Every three month to every floor to support. Beforehand this money where on the so-called floor accounts, but last year the council decided to abbolished them, but this never happened. Nikolaj will clear up the messy accounting and transfere the money to the floors. In order to do this Nikolaj needs thye contact information of the different kitchen accounts from all floors.

Bar and party account is seperat from the big council account and accounting on this has been not done so well, Nikolaj will need some inside to clear this up. The council spended some money from this account in the time of the crisis where we could not access the big council account – this needs to be fixed and clear up. (Magnus and Søren will help him)

In general there are around 100.000 kr. On the council account (including 20.000 kr. From the floor accounts.) So the council have the money to do great projects, we just need to finded them and make it happen. 🙂

8: Door chips
There has been some problems in the basement. Bikes are getting stolen from done there. The council propose that we get a electronic chip for the door in the basement, so it gets more difficult to steal and get into the door. This would cost 5.500 kr. The other option would be to block the door. Moreover the council propose to abolished the big normal key in the long turn, in order to make it more secure and easy with fewer keys.

Voting: The meeting approves 5.500 kr. Budget for charging the door and gives the coucil to power to abolished the large key in the long run.

The discussion show that there are some problems with other doors of the dorm, ex. Doors in the basement that close automatically, this is hard to handle with a bicycle. (This is fixed already!) The staircase doors don’t close automatically and this is a lack of security as well. This would be some of the doors which should be replaced in the long run.

9: Hallway sensors project
Lea (145) presents the idea to get sensors on all hallways, as we have it in the basement now. This should be done in order to save money and energy in the long run. She presents three different offers from 50.000 to 100.000 kr. This money will not go from the council money, but from the big big budget from the whole dorm. If this is approved the board will decided to put money on the side for this and it will not resulted in a rent increasing. The disucssion show an interest in the project, but also some concern. How much money will we save in the long run? Should it be with audio or movement control? The lifetime of lightbulbs might decrease, when constantly turned on and off. Would maybe be a good idea to change to LED-light in the same project. This year we used half a million on electricity, but we don’t know how much light is on this post.

The dicusssion concluded that we were positive about the idea in general, but we need some more information and money need to be put aside for the project.

The meeting approved a budget on 100.000 kr. For this proejct and to give the resident’s council the power to get more information and decide if the council wants to continue with it or if it should be brought up at the next resident’s meeting again.

10: Other points
Filip (338) propose a change in the house order, an addition to rule §8. According to the rules the resident’s meeting can’t vote on things who wern’t on the agenda.