Beboermøde 20/2-18

  1. Election of the chariman and the secretary.
    1. Victor elected as chairman
    2. Emilie elected as secretary
  2. Reading and approval of the current agenda
    1. Agenda approved
  3. Approval of minutes from last time
    1. Minutes approved.
  4. Messages
    1. New inspector.
      1. We have gotten a new Erik
    2. “Markvandring”
      1. Monday after meeting. The board walks through failures. The commune is very happy with the deal made for renting the tennis court.
  5. Informations from the committees
    1. Antenna committee
      1. We have a lot of channels that does not work.
    2. Bar committee
      1. The bar opens this Saturday. Bring some friends.
    3. Party committee
      1. The party committee administrates how the money for the different floors (1500 DKK) is distributed on the different parties.
      2. The party committee wants a new megaphone and has been given 300 DKK.
    4. Sublease committee
      1. No news
    5. Garden and sauna committee
      1. Held multiple meetings, there has to be bought new cleaning materials. They wants some money to buy this, together with monet for some new oils for the sauna and han been granted with1000DKK, which has to cover booth.
    6. Information committee
      1. Nothing new
    7. Music committee
      1. Not pressent
    8. Exsecise committee
      1. Not present
    9. Complaint committee
      1. Not present
    10. Key committee
      1. Not present
  6. Economy
    1. The floors accounts has been locked, and there has been disbursed 32,000 DKK distributed on the different floors. The bar has gotten 12,000 and by that they have been able to pay out some of their dept. in total the account says 77,762.29 DKK pr. 18/1-2018. However, it has to be kept in mind that there has been marked 12,000 DKK to projekts.
    2. In the account there are 9.95 DKK, which are mysterious. The thing is that it is apparently possible to use the contactless function even though it is blocked. However, the card should be completely blocked by now.
    3. Rules regarding resident council. There has to be some financial support to the floors. This will be 1500 DKK a year.
    4. There is 5000 DKK, which can be used as “treats” to the different committees. It has been divided in the following:
      1. Beboerrådet: 1000
      2. Festudvalget: 1500
      3. Bar udvalget: 1000
      4. Klageudvalget: 1000
      5. Other committees: 500 This division has to be reconsidered once a year.
  7. Current projects
    1. Leflets for new residents
      1. Has to be translated, and has to be ready for the next meeting.
    2. Council status
      1. ??
    3. Energy project
      1. Emilie will hear about this.
      2. Study hall
        1. Many things from the old resident council meeting room has to be moved.
      3. Sensors at the hallways
        1. An electrician has looked at the lamps, and given us a price on 240,000 ex moms and includes:
          1. Replacement of all lamps (til 20watt)
          2. The lamps are supposed to be able to “burn forever”
          3. Lamps with modified light for the triangle.
          4. Establishment of sensor control.
            1. Three separate modes. (on off, sensor)
          5. What does people on the different floors say? How long will it take to install the sensors? Erik and Erik have to be asked if this proposal is good.
        2. Renovation of the music room.
          1. Nothing new.
  8. Collaboration in resident council
    1. Please notify chairman before announcing an extraordinary resident council meeting.
    2. Rules for announcing extraordinary resident council meeting. This has to be investigated by the Fly **** committee.
  9. Dispensation cases through UBS
    1. The Hørhus electives does not have law or sufficient professional psychological knowledge about these cases
    2. Hørhus elective could be biased
    3. UBS has a lot of experience and employees to collaborate around these cases, as well as a lawyer who has deep knowledge on the area.
  10. Resident meeting
    1. Next board meeting is the 24th of April
    2. Resident meeting before that on the 3rd of april
  11. Bike basement cleaning
    1. It has been a year since the last time. We have to bee aware of ruels. Lea will start the project.
  12. Party in lounge
    1. Lea has issued a tenancy agreement for rental of the lounge. This will be sent to the Fly*** for revision.
  13. Music room noise
    1. There has to be made temporary rules for the music room. At the moment the current rule are to innocence. The new rule will be that drums and amplifier cannot be udes after 8.00 PM.
    2. House order and rules in the fitness has to be the same. This has to be approved by the residents on a resident meeting.
  14. Closed point.